Tuesday 31 March 2015

April Challenge

Yes, I'm at it again, thought it went so well with the Chaos Dwarfs that I would give the Skaven a go next. I have never painted a Skaven model in my life, but I am going to try to complete the list below by the end of the month. Which will entail a lot of conversion work as well as painting. I only have access to the original Skaven models and a few Mordheim plastics that I got with the game.

In other words my poses will be limited and could become a bit repetitive, but I think the Chaos Dwarfs were much the same to be honest and it didn't stop me.
So here we go:

12 Clanrats
6 Gutterunners
6 Assassins
3 Warpfire thrower teams
6 Jezzails
9 Stormvermin
12 Plague Monks
6 Censor Bearers
6 Globadiers
3 Rat Ogres. could be a problem
Grey Seers, as many as I can make
Characters, as many as I can manage.

That seems like an awful lot and here are the models I have at the moment.

Yes the only models that might help create the rat ogres are some of my sons old migit wrestlers from the 1990's... don't hold your breath. 

Not particularly inspiring, but I do have another 23 Skaven arriving via Ebay sometime this week.
No square bases, so I have those to make. Also I do have some old Mordheim Night runners, but they seem to have crept away, can't find them at all.
This could be quite a difficult challenge, so we will see how it goes. :-) 

Monday 30 March 2015

Five Parsecs: Star Ship Tiles

Completed these tiles this morning, have been working on them on and off for three days now. These are all the rooms I am going to make at present, so that I can create different configurations of Star Ship.

Next phase is to play about with set ups and to create some corridors and furniture, as well as some partitions so that I can create smaller rooms, like staterooms, within larger ones.

My next problem now is that I feel that I don't necessarily need walls to use these tiles, they work like the Quest tiles I make and would probably work better without wall sections getting in the way. So at the moment I am going through a crisis of design. What would you lot do?

All the boards are different in design, no two are alike. Each has been built up using cereal card and rubber webbing to suggest grating.

SS Sulimann set up, will post some pictures of the doors and partitions in place next.

Sunday 29 March 2015

Agapanthus Lortia: Commander of the Jaccio Guard

Commander Agapanthus
This is the commander of the Jaccio Guard.
Agapanthus is a hardened warrior, a retired adventurer who was hired by Lotoon the mayor, some 5 years ago. Agapanthus spends much of his time at the side of Lotoon as his bodyguard. However when the city is under threat or there are some particularly dangerous characters in town then Lotoon sends Agapanthus to sort it out.
Agapanthus has 5 captains who answer directly to him (they maybe detailed later).

Saturday 28 March 2015

Jaccio Militia and Citizens

The next time we play Quest the game should take place in the City of Jaccio and so I wanted to complete three things. One will the city cards I need to make to help generate random encounters as the characters traverse the city, the other is the citizens that inhabit the city and finally the Jaccio Militia that guard the city against, well characters I suppose.

The Jaccio Guard are done by merit of the fact that I am using the Greek models I painted some 11 years ago and formed the core of my Empire Army, when I used it.

Mayor of Jaccio, Lotoon Blossem.

I have had to re-do all these bases as they had been put on 25mm

The cards are only an idea in head at present I might actually make a table.

The citizens are going to based on Celtic plastics from Warlord. Got a box on order.

Ancient Celts: Celtic Warriors plastic boxed set

Five Parsecs: Star Ship Boards

Have decided how I am going to represent star ships for my games of Five Parsecs from Home. I had walls already created and really wanted to make the actual floors round which the walls could be placed. So here are some pictures of the first room I have made.

Each is made from a hardboard base, because I have loads of the stuff given for free, covered in card tiles 30mm square, then extra details are added and then the whole thing is painted. Initially I am going to create enough boards to create the floor plan I posted earlier. I will post it again for convenience.

There will be 7 rooms this size, when complete I will be creating furniture to give each character.

Friday 27 March 2015

Long, Tall, Grey Alien

So, what do you recon this monstrosity is made from? Didn't take me too long and I intend making four in total for my games of Five Parsecs from Home. Added all the armour, made from green stuff and the weapons come from Tau and Catachan models. The head is that of an Ork and the basic structure is...

Yep I went out and bought this huge bag of plastic animals from a cheap department store for £2.99, mainly so I could use the tigers and lions and bears as fillers for other armies, but then I saw the giraffe and the rest just came to me. Silly, but fun and very cheap. I can see the Gorillas getting large bazookas attached to their backs!

Thursday 26 March 2015

Kings of War second edition: Pledge

Thought I would post this here for completeness. Signed up to kickstart Kings of War, by Mantic, just before Christmas. Have really enjoyed playing this game in last few years, and with the new edition coming out I thought I would show my appreciation of the team over at Mantic. A good solid tactical game which moves fast and doesn't have lots of ridiculous magic spells to ruin the fun. Will be playing more in the future and can't wait for my books to arrive.

Wednesday 25 March 2015

Chaos Dwarf Models and Cards

Finally completed the Chaos Dwarf collection so far. I finished making the cards today. Think that I will be revisiting the Chaos Dwarfs when I can. I intend making another machine of destruction, some more characters and a Taurus. But really want to get a few games with this lot first before that happens.

Tuesday 24 March 2015

Chaos Dwarf Card Deck

Worked on the first few Chaos Dwarf cards last night, Took me an age just to get the info to put on the cards. A bit of colouring, with coloured pencils and Bob's your Aunty. I am looking forward to playing with this deck, after all the models I put together in February.