Saturday 14 March 2015

Travelling: Nevom's Tower to Jaccio

Faroth safely stowed away the casket they had carried so carefully through out the journey and with his companions made their way to the rear exit of Nevom's Tower. The Mage having not made an appearance. 

Off set the adventurers for Jaccio in the west.

The first weeks travel culminated in an avalanche of rock, which blocked the path and had to be cleared with locals help at the cost of 220 G for the whole group.

The next seven days past very quietly indeed.

Then half way through the second week they came across a Dwarf Pedlar and his Halfling assistant. 

They had many interesting things to buy and since the adventurers were bored they decided to buy a few items.

Bill bought a Lucky charm for 50G, Faroth splashed out on two Healing potions and Gwengoth and Azzraela both bought Bronze Wrist bands at 30G each
Very pleased with their wise purchases, which were well made articles, the adventures moved off.

Precious little happened the following week...

Or the next, even though Azzraela kept an eye out for trouble ahead. 

Or perhaps is was just to get away from a grumpy Blackhead Bill who was moaning all the time.

After which there were hard words exchanged and Bill walked off alone.

Grumble, grumble, grumble...

Which went on until the final week.

Finally they had reached the outskirts of Jaccio City and the Wharf beckoned to them. Bill happy once more at the thought of ale.

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