Tuesday 31 March 2020

KOW: Orcs V Undead 2000 points

Three weeks ago, before the shut down, I trundled over to my friend Mick's to play our first game of Kings of War, 3rd edition.

Just before I had arrived Mick had changed the bulb in his dining room, so we could see better, ironic, and broke the rosette holding the bayonet bulb, rendering it useless. So we played by the light of a lamp. The pictures I took were quite atmospheric so thought I would post them, but this will not be a full report as it was our first game.

And I lost :-) 

But it was good fun and Mick was playing on his brand new gaming mat that I'd delivered for him.

The two armies were obviously playing in the Undead twilight realm.

Some classic shadows.

This is where the game fell apart for me and it came from the need to do something to move the game forward. However the way I had deployed hadn't really helped.

Mad charge!

My Krudger, Warlord, on a winged slasher was a pain in the bottom during the early parts of the game.

Similarly, Mick's Vamp on flappy thing was a mover and shaker.

More great shadows.

Superior numbers surrounded and routed the Orcs, I really needed to have deployed over to one flank more and make more of Mick's army travel to me if they wanted to fight. I could then have concentrated my attacks on a smaller number of units and perhaps get some multiple charges. 
Next time perhaps :-)

With "Bloodbottler" the Giant ripped to pieces by the Werewolves it was time to call the game. 
Well played Mick, a solid first game.

Could be quite a while till we get to play again. 
So it might be a solo game that you see here first.
Hopefully with better lighting.

Saturday 28 March 2020

Simple Huts

I started to make these huts just after I began pulling together my Orc KIngs of War army, I thought it would be fun to have some specific Orc terrain to give the battlefield flavour.

I used the basic building method used by DM Scotty on the DM's craft.

Most of the other bits of terrain are made by me, there are a few bought trees and some pieces from Mantic's terrain crate.

I will be making some more Orcy terrain bits to accompany these huts, a tower and some low walls.

These huts are going to be used by Firbolg in our D&D campaign, so I've made some Flat Firbolg to play with.

The Firbolg clan in their make-shift village.

Couldn't afford to buy 10 Firbolg so made some Flats instead.

I drew just one Firbolg, then drew lots of staffs so they were all different and attached them in different places.

I water coloured each Firbolg separately before laminating. 

I've just finished creating some more creatures and commers to use in villages and towns, will post pictures soon.

Friday 20 March 2020

KOW: New Orc War Drum

When I was putting together my list for the game I played last week I realised that just one War Drum was not going to cut it.

Each gives a non-accumulative +2 to Nerve scores within 6", which can be very powereful in Kings of War.

However when one gives a 12" bubble, only part of the army can be covered, so another had to be made.

I cut a cork in half from a Champagne bottle, no I didn't drink it, loads of my mates horde stuff for me. Covered the top with a rough bit of GS spread badly over the top and added the end of cocktail sticks at the tighteners.

So now I have two War Drums and look forward to another game with them.