Saturday 28 September 2019

Magic User Slot Tokens

These are tokens I have been adding too over the last year as a way for my players to keep track of their spell slots. They're at 6th level, one is a Druid named Yulmanda, so here slots are the green ones below and Mya who was a Bard used the ones above in grey. 

This last set are not presently being used at all and are really an experiment.
The first 2 sets are based on cat food box card, the grey set modeled with PVAcrete, very sturdy: the green set details were added with a glue gun.
This last set, below, were made from EVA foam, from the Range, because I wanted to see how well it would do. I like the overall effect, but the slot number details seem too high for me, so may experiment with some card for them instead. That's if I ever make another set!

Presently my favourite is the grey PVAcrete set, hard as rock they are:-)

Another thing that I made for my players earlier this year, but which I often forget to put out is this compass. I add it to a board just to indicate North. This is made from CF card(cat food card) cereal box card, PVAcrete, for the edges, and some old watch parts I got on Ebay 3 years ago.

So all these are fun to make and enhance play at the table, certainly Mrs Daxio loves them.

Wednesday 25 September 2019

Feywild Village/Town Designer Hexagons

These are a set of Hex tiles I designed to help me plan and create places in the Feywild. Map making only gets my pulse racing for the first couple and then it becomes a chore. With these I can make any number of towns, villages or even cities if I need them.

I drew out the originals and coloured them with pencils, then I photocopied them with my printer and cut a set out.

Those were then laminated and ready to use.

To create a place I blu tac them to a sheet of A4 hex paper, when I'm happy I photocopy them again and keep the copy.

Examples of the "tree" house set of tiles.

Below laid out to create a multilayered town up in the trees.

A mixture of the ground and tree hex's.

Three locations I have used in our games of D&D.
The Town of Adressin. I add notes to the map of prominent places and NPC homes/shops etc.

The Village of Aio.

The Village of Acron.

The Village of Rosasea, to which I added a little detail in the centre of the village for role play purposes.

The first colour rendition of the tiles.

Finally the original hand drawn tiles before colour was added. I always colour a copy, not the original just in case I screw it up.

Sunday 22 September 2019

GM Screen Birthday Present

These are some preliminary shots of the GM screen I have built in the last fortnight for my son's birthday, been away a week in Wales so didn't have time to post what I had been making. The motifs are taken from Tom's pantheon of gods he wrote for his games of D&D, each had a symbol and after a discussion he felt they would be good to have on the screen.

The images I drew out first on paper then cut them to use as templates to make the foam shapes that you see here. Then I glued the shapes onto the MDF board with PVA. 

A few details of the cut shapes glued in place.

Here's a design I never used in the end, it just didn't fit with the other images I already had, so I re-designed it.

Equally here are another 2 ideas that fell by the wayside.

Prior to gluing in place.

Here is the GM screen completed and ready to go.
The main panel.

The two side panels.

The interior details.

I prefer this boar image to the drawing I showed you earlier.

Some close up details.

Enjoyed making this screen, took me back to my designing days dealing with difficult customers and such...... only joking Tom :-)