Monday 14 March 2016

KOW Event: Springs of War, the Outpost Sheffield

Yesterday, Steve, Luke, Lee and myself spent the day over at Sheffield at the Outpost gaming centre playing in a 2000 point Kings of War Tournament, very ably run by Darren Parkes.

Here are most, but not all, of the armies that took part, some lovely painting and great conversions.

Steve's Empire of Dust.

Dan Kings Herd.

My Dwarfs.
I managed a win in my first game 18 - 2
Dan King beat the living daylights out of me 2 - 18
Philip Pearson beat me with his twilight Kin 5 - 15
And I drew with Lee 10 - 10

Luke's marvelous Slayers, won best painted.

Dan Cain's Kingdoms of Men.

Apologies to Lee as I seem to have missed his great Goblin army.

Here are the results from Darren's computer.
As a group we did OK, 
Luke came 6th
Steve came 11th
I came 14th....not last
Lee came 15th

We all had a great day, the games were clocked at 45 mins, and all went fine.
Thanks again to Dareen Parkes for organising it all and to the three musketeers that came with me:
Steve, Lee and Luke.


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