Saturday, 26 March 2016

KOW: Second Unit of Brock Riders

Have been working quite hard for the last couple of days on these new Brock riders, which are in point of fact, rhino/hippo riders but there you go.
Will be using them in the tournament on Sunday over at Doncaster: The Grid

I based these in two parts this time, just to give me a bit more flexibility. This way I can field 2 troops or a regiment.

As per usual these are really made on the cheap, just a bit of time and effort.

The dwarfs are 80's models bought from Ebay dead cheap, and the rhinos and hippos are from Home Bargains- about 48 animals for £3.99. This is my second unit from 2 boxes, I still have loads left.
Nearly run out of Dwarfs though :-)

Never buy my Green Stuff from GW its very expensive 4" or 20g for £7, on Ebay I can get 36" for about £9.95 including postage. (correct at date of posting)

Green Stuff - 36'5 inches - Kneadatite Blue Yellow Duro - Warhammer

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