Sunday 31 July 2016

Necromunda: Goliath Juves painted

 These are the Goliath Juves I put together at the end of last month. It seems to have taken me for ever to get round to painting them. Think my focus has been in other areas.

Keeping the tattoos the same was a bit of a bind to be honest, not sure I will do any more.

A couple of close ups of the bases with watch parts bought of ebay again. Really like the effect and this time I glued them on with gel superglue which made it a lot easier. Cheers Luke :-)

I'm hoping these guys will provide me with a dual purpose, firstly as a Necromunda gang, but also, possibly as part of a force for Warpath when it comes out later this year. I may even be able to use them in the new version of Deadzone.

Saturday 30 July 2016

Necromunda Terrain: Renovation

This is a piece of terrain I made a while back for Necromunda and has been over at WWarriors club for the last 3 months or so. As you can probably tell its a mixture of terrain from GW and some stuff that I've made from card in the past. I stuck it all down on an MDF base.

The week before last I realised it would not fit easily into the box I had provided so I decided and as it wasn't painted I'd take it home add some bits and pieces and then paint it up. This Monday I will return it to the club.

The GW end of the model.

Kitchen roll column.

Will post some more pictures of the fully painted model when its complete in the next couple of days.

Friday 29 July 2016

Frostgrave: Storage/Raised Plinth

Completed the raised area for Frostgrave which also doubles up as a storage box as well today.
Will take some "in use" shots in next few days as terrain and as a storage box.

I always cover everything in PVA glue before I use them, it gives a clear tough varnish.

I think that I may come back to the windows as I fancy doing them as if they contain stained glass. It'll give the piece some colour too.

Thursday 28 July 2016

Mordheim: Building Challenge

This what I have done, not had a lot of time, parents visitng from down south, and cars keep falling to pieces on me :-(

All the walls, doors and windows were marked and then cut. 

Next I will be cutting all the tiles for the ground floors, 2 cm squares.

Then all the interior wood panelling, then a lot of gluing!

Tuesday 26 July 2016

Starport Scum Character: Poobacca

This is my first attempt at creating a character for Starport Scum and as I put this together I can feel plot lines developing, double crossing broken hearted, horror. Look forward to creating a couple more characters and playing a game or three.
Perhaps watching Kill Bill recently has influenced me :-)

Poobacca was an extensively traveled individual, who was lonely, but at peace with life until he found love in the form of N'Binyo, his unusual partner. However only after a few short years of life together Poobacca found his life ruined by The Mud Brothers who kidnapped and then subsequently murdered his love when they realised neither Poobacca or N'Binyo had any real assets. Since this incident Poobacca has spent his time trying to track the Brothers and exact revenge. His only clue so far is that the Mud Brother Raiders have been sited on the planet Sarin. That is where he is enroute to presently.

           Smooth Talker, never suffers negative effect for failed persuasion attempt.
           Quick Learner, after each game roll 6+ to gain a new trait.
           Hacker, +1D6 when hacking.
           Dead Eye, +1D6 over 12".

            Grape Pocket Computer, Creates a force wall. 
            Mitchel & Web, Hand Cannon: +1D6 under 12".

Move: 3D6 Pick highest
Combat: 3D6 
Shooting: 4D6 
Hand cannon gives +1D6 under 12", Dead eye trait gives +1D6 over 12"

Next time I will be detailing two of Poobacca's compatriates. The two you can see in the wider shots.
As you can tell I am going to be using my home made 10 mm miniatures to play Starport Scum.

Sunday 24 July 2016


Have been taking my box of models to play Frostgrave to the club for some time now and more and more the smaller items are in danger of getting broken. So I have had them in a few small boxes to keep them safe.

Then I had an idea, why not use a cat food box to store them all in together. Initially the idea worked but then I had a further thought that if I made the box part of the playing area it would serve too functions. I liked the idea of that, however the cat food box was really not doing it for me so I went to a box I had saved from work. I had already started to add a few details to it but this yesterday morning around 06:00 I found myself cutting and sticking like a madman.

The arches were already done, then started adding the cobblestones and today just need to strengthen with PVAcrete to complete then paint.

All the small terrain in the box.

This is what I have so far, all it needs is painting now, which I will try to do Sunday.

Friday 22 July 2016

Morheim: Building Challenge for July and August

I may well have bitten off more than I can chew here. My challenge for the next month is  to build some very quick ruined building models so the fellas over at WWarriors have something to play on.
I'm aiming to create 10 buildings to begin with, I think that should be manageable.

So here we are at the very beginning, for the last couple of months I have been putting photocopier boxes, due to be recycled at work, into a cupboard and then got to roughly cut them into shape to create the single and multistorey buildings.

I will also need to make 10 ladders and 5 walkways at least to make this lot playable.

Now comes the hard part, actually cutting the materials, cat food boxes look good, and gluing and painting the project.

When a substantial part of the project is underway I will post an update

Thursday 21 July 2016

Frostgrave: Genie in the Bottle

Here is another game of Frostgrave that Ian and myself played over at WWarriors games club Monday night.

With Willow Lothgard my Wizard, and Dene Lopit my apprentice were:
thug, warhound, 2 x archers, knight, infantryman and a construct.

With Ian's wizard Thorne and apprentice Ash, he had:
an archer, barbarian, man at arms, and an infantryman.

We rolled a 4 sided and deployed on the 2 near sides, after we had placed the 6 treasure markers. We had 3 chests and 3 huge diamonds.

As this board is 4ft wide we also started 6" in from the edge.
Willow managed to animate a medium construct before the game and Dene created a potion, which turned out to be a Elixir of life, very useful!

Willow's warband all deployed pretty much together, while Thorne's split themselves ready to pounce on the treasure.

Immediately Thorne and Ash began to lay down a torrent of Elemental bolts.

While both Willow and Dene fail to cast Elemental bolt and injure themselves, but not too badly.

The thug and constrct hid in the shadows. Trying to keep out of Thorne's line of sight.

Willow's thief and warhound sped round the left flank to wards a building with a treasure token in its attic,

However all was not going well, the knight had just picked up a chest when a huge demon suddenly appeared not 5ft from him. This was the Genie from the bottle, which turned out to be worth 300gc when sold, very nice.

Luckily Willow won the iniatiative for the next turn and managed to cast Mind control on the demon, he was immediately turned round and pointed towards the nearest of Thorne's warband. 

The demon closes in on the Infantryman while on the other side of the pillar Willow's thug is ready to join the battle. At the end of each creature phase a will roll is made to see if the demon remains under Willow's control, it does.

Thorne's Barbarian, despite his bulging muscles, struggles with the huge diamond he has been carrying.

One of Willow's archers had been shot by a combination of pointy arrow and elemental bolt.

Dene tried to give magical cover and directional advice to the knight carrying the chest, but neither were effective. 

"No honestly its quicker this way."

The thief reaches his prize.

Both the demon and the thug attack the infantryman, not very effectively.

Over at Thorne's gang, a few lucky shots and elemental bolts had sent Thorne and Ash running for cover, non too well.

The construct can just be seen in the gloom, with only 1 wound remaining he was not going to be much use.

Thorne and Ash present a solid wall of magic and protect the archer from further harm.
Thorne's infantryman starts back towards his deployment zone.

Finally Thorne's infantryman is killed, took ages mainly his heroic fighting ability. If he had gone down immediately the demon would have been free to attack again, so the infantryman did a grand job.

Dene stands atop a pile of snow trying to get a clear view of Ash but to no avail. 

While Willow watches on from the safety of the ruined building his infantryman makes his way back with a massive jewel.

Although no longer under Willow's comand the Demon attacks the archer as he's the closest model to him.

The 3 wounds on the Demon were put there by Thorne with an elemental bolt. Non of the other models had anything magical that could hurt him.

Dene tries to heal Willow and fails, causing another wound to herself.

In the fading seconds of the game Willow's archer managed to fell the man at arms carrying the treasure chest while the rest of his warband had already left the table.

I still had one last token to get off but failed to get anywhere near the table edge, you can just see him in the middle there.

The demon awoke somewhat bemused, spattered in blood, mostly his own.

Willow's warband had managed to retreive 3 tokens.

Thorne's got 1.

Willow lost his warhound, the construct and an archer. All died in the post match sequence, lucky he made loads of money.
Thorne's infantryman and man at arms both survived the post match sequence.

Post Match

As mentioned Thorne managed to get 1 token off the board.
This gave him 150 gc, a Grimoire containing the Will Power spell and 110 exp.

Willow's warband got 3 tokens safely home.
He got 210 exp and 430 gc, plus 300gc for the bottle that contained the Genie, 3 potions, Strength, Healing and Invulnerability
A grimoire with Combat Awareness spell,
And another grimoire with Planar Tear

So Willow will have money to replace the dead archer and warhound and perhaps buy a few extra toys to play with.