Thursday, 21 July 2016

Frostgrave: Genie in the Bottle

Here is another game of Frostgrave that Ian and myself played over at WWarriors games club Monday night.

With Willow Lothgard my Wizard, and Dene Lopit my apprentice were:
thug, warhound, 2 x archers, knight, infantryman and a construct.

With Ian's wizard Thorne and apprentice Ash, he had:
an archer, barbarian, man at arms, and an infantryman.

We rolled a 4 sided and deployed on the 2 near sides, after we had placed the 6 treasure markers. We had 3 chests and 3 huge diamonds.

As this board is 4ft wide we also started 6" in from the edge.
Willow managed to animate a medium construct before the game and Dene created a potion, which turned out to be a Elixir of life, very useful!

Willow's warband all deployed pretty much together, while Thorne's split themselves ready to pounce on the treasure.

Immediately Thorne and Ash began to lay down a torrent of Elemental bolts.

While both Willow and Dene fail to cast Elemental bolt and injure themselves, but not too badly.

The thug and constrct hid in the shadows. Trying to keep out of Thorne's line of sight.

Willow's thief and warhound sped round the left flank to wards a building with a treasure token in its attic,

However all was not going well, the knight had just picked up a chest when a huge demon suddenly appeared not 5ft from him. This was the Genie from the bottle, which turned out to be worth 300gc when sold, very nice.

Luckily Willow won the iniatiative for the next turn and managed to cast Mind control on the demon, he was immediately turned round and pointed towards the nearest of Thorne's warband. 

The demon closes in on the Infantryman while on the other side of the pillar Willow's thug is ready to join the battle. At the end of each creature phase a will roll is made to see if the demon remains under Willow's control, it does.

Thorne's Barbarian, despite his bulging muscles, struggles with the huge diamond he has been carrying.

One of Willow's archers had been shot by a combination of pointy arrow and elemental bolt.

Dene tried to give magical cover and directional advice to the knight carrying the chest, but neither were effective. 

"No honestly its quicker this way."

The thief reaches his prize.

Both the demon and the thug attack the infantryman, not very effectively.

Over at Thorne's gang, a few lucky shots and elemental bolts had sent Thorne and Ash running for cover, non too well.

The construct can just be seen in the gloom, with only 1 wound remaining he was not going to be much use.

Thorne and Ash present a solid wall of magic and protect the archer from further harm.
Thorne's infantryman starts back towards his deployment zone.

Finally Thorne's infantryman is killed, took ages mainly his heroic fighting ability. If he had gone down immediately the demon would have been free to attack again, so the infantryman did a grand job.

Dene stands atop a pile of snow trying to get a clear view of Ash but to no avail. 

While Willow watches on from the safety of the ruined building his infantryman makes his way back with a massive jewel.

Although no longer under Willow's comand the Demon attacks the archer as he's the closest model to him.

The 3 wounds on the Demon were put there by Thorne with an elemental bolt. Non of the other models had anything magical that could hurt him.

Dene tries to heal Willow and fails, causing another wound to herself.

In the fading seconds of the game Willow's archer managed to fell the man at arms carrying the treasure chest while the rest of his warband had already left the table.

I still had one last token to get off but failed to get anywhere near the table edge, you can just see him in the middle there.

The demon awoke somewhat bemused, spattered in blood, mostly his own.

Willow's warband had managed to retreive 3 tokens.

Thorne's got 1.

Willow lost his warhound, the construct and an archer. All died in the post match sequence, lucky he made loads of money.
Thorne's infantryman and man at arms both survived the post match sequence.

Post Match

As mentioned Thorne managed to get 1 token off the board.
This gave him 150 gc, a Grimoire containing the Will Power spell and 110 exp.

Willow's warband got 3 tokens safely home.
He got 210 exp and 430 gc, plus 300gc for the bottle that contained the Genie, 3 potions, Strength, Healing and Invulnerability
A grimoire with Combat Awareness spell,
And another grimoire with Planar Tear

So Willow will have money to replace the dead archer and warhound and perhaps buy a few extra toys to play with.

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