Thursday, 14 July 2016

KOW: Anatomy of a Herd Army

This is the army I used at the club on Monday night. I was using it to play someone who had never played before and was trying to get a lot of beast men into the army. As opposed to Minotaurs, Lycans and nasty nasty Stampedes! 

Herd 2000 Points

2 Troops Harpies
2 Regiments Spirit Walkers: Brew of Sharpnes, Brew of Strength
2 Regiments Longhorns
Regiment Centaur Longmanes:Wine of Elvenkind
4 Troops Hunters with Bows
Great Totem
Great Chieftain with Bow: Blessing of Gods
4 Shaman: Heal (5)

Will be posting more about the army and how it changes in the next few weeks along with reports on some of its games.

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