Saturday 31 May 2014

Character Profile

Serefina the Witch

Battle Level: 5              Atts: 2                                         Wounds: 18                                  Gold: 8039

Equipment: Gnarled Staff, Fur Cloak, Amulet of Protection, Darting Steel Daggers
Deathstone, Time Freeze Ring, Lucky Talisman, Chalice of Fate, Dome of Power

Potions: Toughness, Strength, Giant Strength, Healing,

Spitestones: 10                                                          Familiar: Owl, named Titch

Skills: Fly, Vision of Beauty, Mental Shield                Favourite Spells: Ray of Spite, Healing Touch, Wither

Tactical Play:
Primarily, you would have thought, this would have been healing the other players. Not in Serefina's case however.She does often heal with Healing Touch or Aura of Calm when the whole group are in trouble, but her role more often is in an aggressive capacity.
Coupling her ability to fly with say the Ray of Spite, Serefina can avoid pinning, move to a good vantage point, then spray the enemy, usually killing or at least wounding all the models in a row. This allows the other combat characters to then mop up the left overs.
Other spells of note are; Kiss of Life - never once used in all our games but very useful ; Charm, used to control medium sized monsters, minotaurs etc; Claws of Steel, a combat spell, again never used.
When Serefina needs to attack in H-to-H, desperate times! She will drink a strength potion and use her Darting Steel Daggers in combination, very nasty, 3 auto hits, strength 10, with 3 damage dice per hit till the end of the combat!!!
In our group, Serefina quickly became the dominant force. If not for her mixture of skills they would have died quite a while ago.

This tends to colour how the group interact and helps develop their story. In essence, Crue and Bjorg are pretty much in her thrall, almost like a vampire's victims, while Jazz is Serefina's personal body guard.

Friday 30 May 2014

Town- getting there.

Last night set this lot up to see what they look like. Wanted to see if I'm getting close to being able to create a town or city. Think I maybe nearly there. I do have plans to make another 5 hovels, which should then do the job.
I'm in the middle of creating an inn which can be used in various formats, to suggest small village pub, to large city hotel/tavern.
Finally I'm looking to create small sections of wall and roof sections so that the Mordheim buildings I created will fit into the general look better. You'll see some here without roof sections, hopefully these will look better in future.

Thursday 29 May 2014

Forest Quest Shots

This is my take on playing quest in woodland or forest areas, have had this made for some 3 months now, but only just had the chance to actually play with it. Made all the Forest Cards myself, although an awful lot of inspiration came from the old Wood Elves Army Book for WFB and an article called, Into the Woods by Jonathan Green found in The Citadel Journal 18 from 1996.

It plays pretty much the same as standard Quest, just presents another setting to play in. I have not thought about a set of  Event cards for wood elves, I have loads of projects which I need to get to grips with. I thought that I would create a set of Lizard men cards first, go from there.

 I have made a report about the game and will be adding to the Films Pages I have produced recently.

Wednesday 28 May 2014


Have added links to two films I have made, over in the pages section. Will try to add more films when I can but they take a while, mainly because I'm challenged computer "wise". So don't hold your breath.


The Late Prince (#1)

Don't Look Now (#2)

Tuesday 27 May 2014

High Elf Next 500

The next 500 pts of my High elf army will be, a Frostheart Phoenix and a further unit of  19 Lothern Sea Guard. I've played with the Frostheart before and like the way it works with other units in support. Its not a monster that I would rely to attack any decent sized unit alone; to be honest not sure that I can really think of any monster that I would do that with. However because of its special rules I find it lends itself to a supporting role nicely.

Frostheart Phoenix, 240 pts.
This Frostheart Phoenix was home made from scratch, I do this a lot with larger models, a combination of card, green stuff, some plastic jewel things from a garden centre and cork for the base. I just can't afford the prices charged by some companies, nor justify the outgoing to myself, but have great fun making them in my spare time.

19 Lothern Sea Guard, shields, full command, 258 pts.
The Lothern Sea Guard are there to fill the extra needed in core, also I have just finished painting them. These are all converted from very old HE archers from eons ago. Bought cheap off net, cut and glued into position, so they rank up, given shields and spears and painted to "play" standard.

The more mathematical inclined of you may have noticed there are 20 Sea Guard in the pictures, my mistake.

Sunday 25 May 2014

Map of Corto Luna

Thought I would share the island that our characters play their games of Quest in. I like to try to make the game as RPG as I possibly can. Thus I've produced drawings of the Island of Corto Luna, so that we can have a real sense of place. There have been times when we have played complete role playing sessions, so all this background info goes to make the whole experience that bit more interesting. 

For most of our games, I think we've probably played about 50/60 times in the last 2 years, the characters have been adventuring around the area below. All the characters originated from the small village of Sagan, travel to the Town of Bocognan and sometines enter the city of Jaccio.

Here is the village of Sagan, the characters home village. Many adventures start here in the local inn, The Blue Boar. This map links in with model houses I've been making, I'm trying to create enough buildings for this, then use them to create "parts" of the town or city.

Friday 23 May 2014

Three Cottages

This is how far I have got with the next three cottages. Only have to add the windows and beams and the building element is complete. Then its just a matter of coating with oak varnish and they are done

Loads of dry brushing all over, inside and out. Got to say I have had enough of doing these now.
Will take some pictures of the completed insides tomorrow.

All the lids/roofs come off so that models can be placed inside, keeping a track of which roof goes where has been a bit of a nuisance, got them wrong several times and it can really muck the whole cottage up. Will place a mark somewhere on base and inside roof so I can match them easily.

Thursday 22 May 2014

Orc Magic Deck for Quest

These are a new set of cards I have made for the Orc and Goblin shamen in our games of Quest, they're just made from thin card doubled over and popped in a Dragon Shield clear sleave. If you have looked in my page about Games Cards you will have seen the others I've made. I like the look of them when we are playing and it saves on slowing up the game to look them up and wear and tear on my book.

Another point is that I often update Pages, I will make sure that I announce when I have made them, wouldn't want anyone missing stuff. 

Wednesday 21 May 2014

High Elf Army List

2000 point High Elf Army

Loremaster of Hoeth-Great weapon, heavy armour, Talisman of preservation
Noble, Battle standard bearer- Great weapon, heavy armour, Reaver Bow
Archmage level 3- Golden Crown of Atrazar

Core Units
15 Silver Helms,- Full command,shields
29 Lothern Sea Guard- Full command, shields

Special Units
20 Phoenix Guard- Full command
Lion Chariot of Chrace

Rare Units
Great Eagle
2 Eagle Claw Bolt Throwers

I organised the army so that the Loremaster went in the unit of Phoenix Guard.
The Archmage and the Battle Standard  Bearer were put in the Lothern Sea Guard bunkered at the back of the board flanked by the 2 repeaters.

Not sure I would do this every time, but I will definitely try it again. My worry is that it only leaves me 2 combat effective units and the eagle to redirect/deflect. Not included the Lion Chariot because it ran off in last game having done zip woulds to a Vargulf, better luck next time.

I was also very lucky with my magic phases in the last game, really can't rely on that. Usually my magic phase is pretty poor, luck and judgement being the problem. However I will be sticking with this set up for a while, to give it a chance. I have never used the Loremaster in a game, not sure what I think, but having spent so much time converting him and making the books- he stays.