Sunday 29 May 2016

Frostgrave: Wall Sections

After playing on Monday night it become obvious to me that the terrain box needed some separate wall sections, high enough to block LOS or which could be used to suggest ruins.

Thought I would include some pictures to show how I made them.

White masonry paint gave the rough snow feel.

I had a length of 20 mm wide hardboard which I cut into 4" lengths and I had some thick card which which I cut to shape and then glued onto the hardboard bases.

Basically it was either make these in the next 2/3 days or throw away the materials as we are moving in a couple of days! I don't like throwing materials away very much, So a quick project to be completed before we move.

There you have it my last project in our current house. Will be a week at least before I post again, if not more as we will be very busy setting up new home :-)

Saturday 28 May 2016

Necromunda: Delaque Sketches

Seriously thinking of sculpting any more Delaques I may need in the future, hence the sketches.

As move day gets closer and closer, 3 sleeps now, Serefina has informed me this morning, more and more of my stuff is packed and I have less to work with. 
Therefore there may well be a few more drawings cropping up, I only need paper, pencil, rubber and a biro, simple.

Friday 27 May 2016

Necromunda: Minion Gang

Saw these erasers in The Range the other day and felt I just had to buy them, They looked like mad Delaques! So I got them home and threw them on some bases, will have to play with them when they have weapons organised, can't wait to see rest of players faces when I whip them out!

They were a bargain at £4.99 for 10. Will be while before complete as moving soon :-)

Thursday 26 May 2016

Dwarfs V Undead 1000 points

Played a 1000 point game down at the club week before last against Ian with his Undead army.
This was sort of a training game as Ian had not played since first edition KOW.

Was very aware that the werewolves can move very fast and deliver a punch.
So shot just about everything at them and managed to rout them, very lucky!

    On the far right you can just make out the rangers who managed to shoot and rout the balefire catapult. They went on to rout the ghouls in hand to hand, they are presently behind the cairn top right.

However I new the regiment of 3 werewolves were going to be enough to take out the war machines.

First the flame belcher then the organ gun! 

The wavering marker you see here was later removed along with the model, I had forgotten to tell Ian to triple his attacks against a was machine, we just assumed it would have routed with 18 more dice, it nearly did with just 9!

In the centre the Ironclad face up to the horde of revenants.

Having dealt with the war machines the werewolves had either the crossbows or, more likely, the Ironclad flank in their sites.

Unfortunately for the werewolves the Ironclad, who had the brew of strength and a bane chant cast on them, managed to rout the Revenants and turn to face the werewolves.

The werewolves and the crossbows begin an epic struggle with pillows!

The rangers rout one standard bearer.

There was a short skirmish between the ironclad and the regiment of skeleton spears, I think that's what they were. 

The werewolves are eventually routed.

Left all alone the last standard bearer, rather baleful and dejected, and this was how the game ended. I hope Ian enjoyed it. It was interesting to play a smaller game for once and I felt it lost non of its tactical focus.

We have been considering a Clocks of War type tournament in the next few months, being a 1000 pts tournament, I will look forward to it :-)

Tuesday 24 May 2016

Frostgrave: Village of Ice

Had a great game, my second, of Frostgrave with Ian over at WWarriors. These are not the best pictures as they were taken with my phone.

Ian went for a very elite force, only 6 in total, usual casters and a barbarian, an infantryman a tracker I think and someone else?????? (Sorry Ian)

I used exactly the same force as last time:
Thug, Warhound, Thief, Infantryman, 2 Archers, Knight.
In the pre-cast part of the game I tried to get a potion and a construct but completely failed.

We had placed 6 treasure markers.

The apprentice with the infantryman and the warhound went up the left flank heading for the caskets.

The Enchanter with the thug and knight went up the centre.
Ian's Sorcerer and apprentice showered down elemental bolts. They killed the thug just as he reached the treasure.

One of Ian's warband climbed to the top of a building and grab the loot.

Ian's barbarian hacks large slices out of my infantryman. Shortly after I managed to mind control the barbarian and he moved off for a while.

The warhound luckily scores a hit on the tracker. Then next turn killed him.

My wizard picks up a casket, bad move, this really slowed him down.

Ian's sorcerer and apprentice continue to cast elemental bolts especially since I had cast a sigilist spell; word of power which allowed me to cast elemental bolt at +3, unfortunately it allowed Ian's casters to do the same!!!

Very luckily the infantryman dispatched the barbarian. 

My archer and enchanter slip away with the treasure.

Near the end of the game the warhound edged round the rear of the board to attack Ian's Wizard. While his infantryman had fallen under my Mind Control spell. However although both managed to attack the wizard, they failed to kill him and the game was called at that point

Ian and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, very up and down throughout and a laugh. I look forward to our next game. When we have the rules off we will have to start a campaign.