Tuesday 30 May 2017

D&D 5e: Feng's Gear

This is the hand made box I take to the club to play D&D 5e every other week and it has developed as the months have gone on. This week I felt that it was well on the way to being complete so I decided to post it and its contents.

Inside are my dice, miniatures, spell cards, magical focus and beads. The dice box I made a while ago from a kitchen roll tube and PVAcrete.

Each spell card was shaped and coloured with stain, going for a worn look.

Feng at the front with the models I made to represent his Spirit Guardians and behind Spiritual Weapon, a floating hammer.

The glass beads help to keep track of spell slots, once used they go in the black bagon the right.

Only completed making all the spell cards by hand yesterday, hence the post today. I like making hand made cards but they do take a while, They're all in Dragon Shields to protect them - I wanted to do a book but it wasn't practical. More photographs of the cards another time.

Monday 29 May 2017

Five Parsecs Solo: Rescue on Horst

After the Fanatic attack on Sarin from the Fardle group, the cre of the SS Sulimann decided it would be best to leave Sarin 4 for a less intense planet and decided to travel to Horst 5e.

Junke, Krat and Halo leave the ship and look for work to get them a bit of cash, recent events have meant they have not cash at all.

Vassily also took himself out to do a bit of trading and after much haggling returned with a medical kit, very handy.

Jaz took himself off and spent a great part of the morning  looking for a training institute of one sort or another, but Horst being such a huge industrial place and having never been before Jaz found no one who could, or was prepared to help him. He returned to the ship a bit frustrated and angry.

However Junke and pals had more luck looking for a job. They were directed to the local leader of a Nomandic group called Jim Gung whose daughter had been kidnapped for ransom by a group of mutants.

The industrial complex where Ms Gung is held.

The crew split into 2 groups. Krat, Halo and Jazz to draw attention and press the attack.

Junke and Vasily to sneak round back while mutants where kept busy by rest of crew.

Unfortunately the mutants had been tipped off and took up good covering positions.

Ms Gung held in a rather nasty looking cage.

Mutants in position.

First turn saw Firefight being thrown and led to Krat shooting and then being knocked down by the mutant in the second floor of the building. Not a good start.

Now the mutants new exactly where most of the crew were so they moved out.

The mutants too were keen to take the fight to the crew.

Junke and Vasily continue to sneak.

Halo moves a little further to get a better line of sight.

With no targets available the mutants hunker down.

Halo pops her head out of cover and throws a Havok grenade at the mutants in cover, It bounces but lands right at the feet of the mutant in the open.

It explodes with a sickening thud and kills the mutant instantly. One down four to go.

Junke has got ahead of Vasily and is in range to attack the mutant guarding the captive.

Realising the crew cannot see too well a loan mutant creeps up. While the mutant on the far right took a shot at Jazz but only knocked him off his feet.

The other mutants were keeping Jazz and Krat's heads down taking pot shots at them.

Junke sees an opportunity to attack the guard but it all goes terribly wrong. Despite the advantage of charging into melee and her Glare sword +2 to melee Junke still lost the combat and was out for the count. Disaster!

She should have waited for Vasily.

Back at the firefight, Krat had manged to drive off the mutant in the building. He had ran waay from the hail of bullets from Krats Auto Rifle and jumped clear out of the rear of the building.

Feeling more confident the guard left Ms Gung and took up a better position to shoot from.

But no one realised Vasily was just behind and it was then he decided to pounce.

His old fashioned blade flashed and the mutant fell with a gurgle.

Vasily backed off into the shadows.

Caught in a crossfire Halo and Jazz managed to knock down the mutant holding the centre of the board. You can just see him by the crate.

But not for long...

The mutant who jumped from the building managed to rally himself.

The downed mutant popped up again, just at the wrong moment.

Vasily thought it was now that he should fire his Cling Fire pistol which caused both the mutants to take cover as a burst of burning fire shot past them. Although unhurt it did mean they had their backs to Halo and Jazz. 

But they couldn't take advantage and Halo was knocked from her feet by a rifle shot. 

The mutant from the building re-enters the fray.

Jazz knocks one mutant off his feet, while Vasily enters combat with one at the top of the shot. Risky move! Melee is a draw, not good.

Another mutant crashes into the melee.

But Vasily turns and catches him across the throat with his blade.

Jazz advances on the mutant who had failed to get to his feet and despatches him.

Krat realised Halo was still down and not going to help so he sprinted to help his friend Vasily.

However Vasily's blood must have been up as he quickly dealt with the last mutant.

All five mutants were despatched. Jim Gung should be happy.

Halo was fine, she recovered, but Junke was far more badly hurt and her injuries will keep her out of the next two games. As the captain of the crew that could be important. However if Vasily keeps on performing the way he did here, 3 kills, perhaps the crew will be OK.

Jim Gung, indead was happy to see his daughter and passed over to Krat a small device which Krat recognised as  an Indoctrinator straight away. Not very keen to accept but needing to get Junke to the Sulimann he decided to accept and perhaps think about the payment later.

Will let you know what happens with that and Junke at the start of the next game :-)