Tuesday, 30 May 2017

D&D 5e: Feng's Gear

This is the hand made box I take to the club to play D&D 5e every other week and it has developed as the months have gone on. This week I felt that it was well on the way to being complete so I decided to post it and its contents.

Inside are my dice, miniatures, spell cards, magical focus and beads. The dice box I made a while ago from a kitchen roll tube and PVAcrete.

Each spell card was shaped and coloured with stain, going for a worn look.

Feng at the front with the models I made to represent his Spirit Guardians and behind Spiritual Weapon, a floating hammer.

The glass beads help to keep track of spell slots, once used they go in the black bagon the right.

Only completed making all the spell cards by hand yesterday, hence the post today. I like making hand made cards but they do take a while, They're all in Dragon Shields to protect them - I wanted to do a book but it wasn't practical. More photographs of the cards another time.

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