Thursday, 25 May 2017

Five Parsecs: The 488 Bar

Thought I would quickly share the very start of a medium sized project which I started a few days ago. Creating a bar for sci-fi games has been on my mind for a while now. 

A bar would be a great place to meet patrons and to begin missions from. I have used the equivalent version, The Windy Wharfe for Quest on loads of occasions. See end of post.
Its also a very enjoyable project to start creating. I am looking forward to building it.

Basically I have created a space, from a photocopier box lid, to this I am making furniture which will create the bar feel.

At the very start I made loads of notes on the box to give me ideas, some I use, many I ignore. Also not helped when a wet cat sits ontop and smears some of the writing :-)

Tables, which can be removed, main entrance using the door template I created for my starship floor plans. I throw nothing away.

The bar itself, notice my note reminding me to make stool shapes along its side- will I remember?

In th centre I am making a sort of do-it-yourself food area, this will be removeable as well.

The outside will be decorated, mainly by adding loads of scraps to create a junk look.

Exterior doors and vid screen to go on wall. Another synth-alco machine which I will make and then gives me some variation. This way the same basic shape can be used to create another bar on another planet :-)

Interior walls and floors need sorting next along with furniture needs completing, then lots of painting. 

Quick reminder of what the Wharf looked like, this model is about three years old.

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