Friday 30 January 2015

Stone Works

This is me trying to depict a tower or castle setting in Warhammer Quest. I thought long and hard about how I would exactly portray a castle, did some drawings a long while back last year which you may remember, basically along same lines as the Wharf model. Well after I had made the Windy Wharfe I realised that making a castle along the same lines was never going to happen.

So I came up with a method of suggesting a tower/castle while still using the original Quest tiles I had made. Basically a box which separated out into three parts which could be laid on the play area and be built upon by tiles I already had.

If these pictures don't first grab you, and why should they, I hope that when they are all decked out with tiles and furniture they'll look ok.
Hence all the furious furniture building in the last two weeks. And alongside the furniture overload I've been cutting MDF and hardboard to create these platforms.

I am also thinking that I may be able to use these to give my towns and villages some height, or perhaps in WFB to mount a temple on. I would like to get a variety of uses from them. But they are also a box into which other terrain will be stored.

The largest, or lid, is 430 mm square, 30 mm high
The second largest , or box  body, is 405 mm square, 60 mm high
The smallest, fits inside, is 365.5 mm square, 90 mm high

Thursday 29 January 2015

The Refectory

Along with all the other furniture that I have been making recently, the idea of creating a place where a load of grumpy orcs might have gathered for their tea, was a must. Luckily I have quite a large amount of stuff that is suitable, but didn't have any long refectory tables, well I do now.

Made primarily from foam board, covered in card for wood effect then textured underneath with PVAcrete.

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Five Parsecs from Home

I recently bought a double package of games, Five Parsecs from Home alongside the core rules Fivecore Skirmish Gaming Evolved, which I bought from the Imperial Vault, as a download, for only a few pounds.

I bought it primarily because I was hoping it would have some rules for Solo play to help me with the Necrozone type game I have been working on. As you may have guessed it has stalled at the moment.

But the more I have been looking at it and the Fivecore rules, the more I have enjoyed reading them, making me want to have a go at playing the system as it is.

I have just bought another supplement for the game £2.71 Every Star an Opportunity, so I think in total I may have spent £10 or there abouts for 3 rulebooks.

I am really looking forward to spending some time reading through all the material, reminds me of the first time I played Traveler back in the 80's. I really loved the planet generation tables, in fact I wrote two simple program's for the Acorn Electron: one for character generation and the other for planet generation, both random in nature. Never wrote another program after that, loading the things up from a tape recorder!!!! What was all that about?

So Five Parsecs from Home gets a big thumbs up from me, thank you, Ivan Sorensen.

Tuesday 27 January 2015

Rugs, Benches and Bits

So these are some shots of how I see the furniture I've been making being used. Hopefully adding these extra bits and pieces will turn basic Quest boards into something more approaching the interior of a castle or tower. See what you think, opinions would be appreciated.

Monday 26 January 2015

Castle Furniture

I have been making quite a bit of furniture just recently, mainly because our next adventure following on from the Delivery will be to travel through Nevom's castle/keep. So in order to make the standard board sections look like they may actually be in a castle I thought that extra furniture was the way to go.

So today I have finished off some rugs for the floor, to add to the effect I'm looking for. Began making these a while back, but only finished them today because I just could not think how to paint them.

Then inspiration came from our toilet (where else!!!) where there is an incense burner. On its side it has a 5 pointed star, and it set me thinking. The rest followed from there.

Will post some shots in position tomorrow with a couple of bearskin rugs I thought might work as well.

Sunday 25 January 2015


I had already made 2 braziers some time ago, put together using beads, coins, washers and cue tips, but realised that I would need a load more for our next adventure along with some other stuff I have been putting together. More of that later, when its finished.

Saturday 24 January 2015

Torture Chamber: Full Compliment

Spent last night watching Kingdom of Heaven, and painting the torture items of furniture to go into my dungeon. Didn't take too long to do, lots of dry brushing and a limited pallet. Then I coated them all in dark oak varnish this morning. They were a lot quicker to paint than to make.

Obviously I wouldn't have all these pieces of furniture all at once in the same room, not this size anyway, But it does give me loads of different variations.