Friday 25 November 2016

MUMG: Magneto

Finished painting Magneto from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Struggled to get a decent picture I really need to get a new camera. But no dosh am afraid.

He is perhaps a little blue, but I didn't want him to look too purple or just red. So I did a blue base coat then overbrushed with red then lastly purple.

Thursday 24 November 2016

Ultramodern 5

image not displayed

Could not resist picking this up for only £4.18 as a PDF. I seem to be having a run on roleplay games at the moment. Even if I never actually play the game I just could not think of a good reason why not to buy it.

Basically its a modern day to futuristic version of D&D5e and it did intrigue me, I will enjoy reading it,

Wednesday 23 November 2016

KOW: 750 point Goblin Beers of War Army

Here is my 750 point Goblin army all ready to get stuck into the oppsition after Xmas with Ian and his Abyssal Dwarfs. Looking forward to the day, should be a real laugh. Hoping to pick up a lovely wooden spoon to add to my growing collection.

The whole army.

Trolls, Mawbeasts and Fleabag riders.

Fleabag regiment.

Wiz and Flaggit.

Yep that used to be Skarsnik.

Marble Mawbeasts.

In all 750 points of Goblins all ready to kick some bottom!

Tuesday 22 November 2016

D&D: Feng Galmon, Cleric

Recently I have been involved in a new D&D campaign over at WWarriors games club in Wakefield. Last night we created our characters and will start to play next week. I am really looking forward to playing as I have not roleplayed since the late 80's. We have a smashing group of 5 players and Lee is DM ing.

D&D5e is new to me, although as a teenager I was steeped in roleplay games, really looking forward to playing. Will have to add a light crossbow to the back of Feng when I can. He is made from a GW Elf's legs and arms, with a Catachan head, Ungor shield, Dwarf hammer parts. While all the torso is hand sculpted from GS. I made him to be a Quest character but never used him, so good to see him getting an outing now.

Feng Galmon, Cleric Level 3
ST 15, Dex 11, CON 13, INT 11, WIZ 17, CH 9
He carries a Warhammer, Light crossbow (30 bolts) and shield
Chain armour and Holy symbol
Feat- Tough
Hit points 29
Armour Class 18
(Will post cantrips and spells another time.)

Monday 21 November 2016

Rogue Stars: Miniatures

As I mentioned yesterday I am very much looking forward to playing Rogue Stars, as are a few fellas at the WWarriors Club, it's a genre of game that I have always been interested in and one I have already produced many pieces of terrain and miniatures for.

I do know that I will be considering how it plays compared to Five Parsecs which I came to several years ago and played solo for many games. If Rogue does not have the background and campaign detail that 5Parsecs has I may well try to draw elements of 5Parsecs into play.

Of course that depends on whether I like the game mechanics and whether it is fun to play. If there are players at the club who want to get involved that may well persuade me too.

So I thought I would post a few pictures of what a crew may look like in Rogue or at least the sort of crew I imagine I will be using.

Sunday 20 November 2016

Rogue Stars: Nickstarter

Have been looking forward to getting this for some time now, should be out in December. Decided to order my copy of the book direct and got a model thrown in.

Image result for rogue stars nickstarter

Image result for rogue stars nickstarter

Tuesday 15 November 2016

KOW: Beers of War 750 points, so far...

Here is my Goblin 750 point force that I think I will be using in the Beers of War Tournament coming up in Feb next year, I hope to get some games in with them to see how well they play.

2 Hordes of Trolls
Regiment of Fleabag Riders
2 Mawbeast Packs
A Flaggit with the War-bow of Kaba
Wiz with Bane chant

My Mawbeasts are old Squigs either from GW or ones that I made myself from marbles covered in milliput. I think that upon closer inspection which are which would be abundantly obvious :-)
Well I wasn't going to pay £80 for a couple of dozen models when I had marbles just lying about was I?

Still have a lot of the bases to complete as well as one horde of trolls which need further work.

Monday 14 November 2016

Frostgrave: Fish Tank Inspired Terrain

This is one of the pieces of terrain inspired by some of the fish tank stuff we all see on tables, some of which really very good.

Two separate pieces.

Its made from an old packing box, one we finally emptied recently, covered in PVAcrete, so its quite tough and details added in card.

The painted up with cheap household paints from B&Q aand then given a coat of oak stain.

More I looked the more configurations I began to see.

Been working on my Goblin army for Kings of War, so for some idea of scale, here is my shaman preparing to cast some poultry spell or other :-)