Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Frostgrave: Small Terrain

I have had a huge amount of good quality cardboard coming into the house in the last few months, what with beds, kitchen appliances and sundry other irems being delivered. As a result I have horded quite a bit of card, much thrown away however (how will I live with myself!)

Anyway, yesterday I started to make some terrain pieces for Frostgrave, will probably end up at the club as I don't have the space at home. Although I will be trying to keep them small, so I may hold a couple back.

Will make some more of these sort of ice stacks.

Really like this combo, will be interested to see how this looks later in the process. This one I am likely to hold back.

The next stage is to cover these in either PVAcrete or some spare artex I have left over.

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