Monday, 7 November 2016

Frostgrave: Mathgen's Warband

As promised earlier I thought it might be nice to see how Mathgens warband has progressed, how much treasure they have looted and what items they now own.

Mathgen, the Enchanter in the centre. Staff and ring of invulnerability. 750 experience points at 
level 7. The warband have 520 gc to spend currently.
Enchanter: Animate construct 8/11/13
Grenade 9
Strength 9
Elementalist: Elemental ball 13
Sigilist: Power Word 16
Soothsayer: Mind control 15
Thaumauturge: Heal 11
Witch: Brew potion 14
Illusionist: Invisibility 16

His medium construct to the left.
Mac Og the Knight to the right. Elixir of speed.

Breac the apprentice. Staff and two srolls: forget spell and petrify.
Poor Breac picked up an injury in the last but one game and as a result he suffered a crushed arm, giving him -1 to his fight score, but I think it just makes him more interesting.

Mac Og left.

Dagda the infantryman centre. Potion of healing.
Bran the warhound right.
Sreng the thug left. Potion of strength.

Ogma the thief centre. Potion of strength.
Bran in the background.

Bres the archer. Magic bow, +2 damage.

Corpre the archer.


Presently the warband owns 4 grimoires: Time store, Spell eater, Combat awareness, Planar tear,

They still don't have a home base, but I can feel a model in the offing.

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