Sunday 31 January 2016

Mordheim: Middenfaced Muggers complete

Here's the whole gang with Artur finished off, however, the more I look at the 4 Greek models from The Foundry, the more they look out of place; will be looking for replacements from my bits  box today. 

Artur looks a bit like a zombie from the Walking Dead! (his face anyway)

If I find what I'm after to replace the Greeks I will post later.

Saturday 30 January 2016

KOW: Drakon Rider

This is my first Drakon Rider completed, now the rather difficult job of converting another 8 and painting them up. It'll be worth it in the end.

My biggest problem has been keeping the dragon wings in position, although the high elf body does help.

Friday 29 January 2016

Mordheim: Young Artur

As Young Artur was not complete last night I set about adding some GS to the Warlord Celt I was using as a base.

So I worked on the two hammers, the breastplate and the base and now just have the painting to do.

The hammers are made from cocktail sticks and skewers.

The cuirass is a little heavy, but will do.

Might add a knife or two if I can find any in my bits box.

Thursday 28 January 2016

Mordheim: Meet the Middenfaced Muggers

It may well be that I am about to get back into playing Mordheim again. One of my favourite games, along with Necromunda and Quest, that GW came up with in the 90's. When they were creative.

Well a group have started to play down at the Wakefield Warriors club and I feel I have to get involved. It is one I cannot afford to miss. I would like to play Frostgrave too and will try to get it off the ground, but I must go with the flow at the moment.

The Middenfaced Muggers
A Middenheim Warband

Captain McThorn

Sergeant Charle

Blackhead Bill

Young Artur to complete.

The Marksman.

The Warriors.

So let me introduce you too the :

Middenfaced Muggers, a right dodgy bunch of mercs

Captain McThorn: (Hero) dagger, sword, light armour, shield 

Sergeant Charle: (Hero) dagger, spear, sword, light armour, shield

Young Artur: (Hero) dagger, hammer x2, light armour

Blackhead Bill: (Hired) 2 handed axe, light armour

2 Warriors : (Hench) dagger, spear, buckler

2 Marksmen : (Hench) dagger, longbow

Tuesday 26 January 2016

Unit Base and Terrain Update

These are the 7 pieces of scatter terrain that I need to complete now. Today I've cut the bases, carved and drilled the holes. Next they need further carving then gluing to the base and stones adding. The glass beads which are angular and slightly pointed were a £1 from the Range.

These are with flash, the first was ....without!

Kingdoms of men, Greeks, blue tacked to their new bases, still need to get all the burr off with sand paper, then I have to decide how to finish them. I put 12 models on each base because they looked too crowded with all 20 on and I think they look OK. Will post some close ups as they get done.

I cut all the bases for the Ogres, couldn't resist sticking these 6 models on to see how they look.
Will be repositioning arms and adding nets to these Hunters.

I cut enough for the archer troops from Kingdoms of men, 4 for the Drakon riders and stacks for all the Ogres I have to complete. Only glad I don't have to paint the Greeks!

Templates and Unit Bases

Not wildly exciting, but essential to playing games, I've been making templates for Frostgrave terrain and templates for KOW unit bases.

Unit bases.

Frostgrave crystal spires, finally getting done.

Need to head out to the garage and get the band saw working next.
Will try to post again later with progress made.

Sunday 24 January 2016

KOW: The Grid: The Winter Crown

Had a smashing day over in Doncaster today with Steve and Lee, we all played in a 21 strong tournament at The Grid, they made us very welcome and I thoroughly enjoyed playing the 3 games we had.

I'm right at the back by the white door looking slightly out of focus, which may explain why I came last out of 21 :-)

There were some terrific armies and some equally clever tactics. Some great bases and some lovely home crafted models.

Beautifully rendered bases with sycamore seeds by Chris, very nice.

Warlord Hoplites by Dan.

Lee's goblin hordes.

And finally my Centaurs, about to get their butts kicked.
I learned lots of valuable lessons today, had a great day :-)

Just to confirm, last place, although there are two r's in Darryl.

Saturday 23 January 2016

Reinforcements for the Ogres and Elves

I bought a load of models from miniaturegamercouk through Ebay and they arrived very promptly. The models are smashing and with them I will be able to complete my Elf force and begin my Ogre army.

6 more fire dragons for the Drakon riders. 6 Ogres and 2 Ogre characters. 

Millie, named after the famed resin modelling putty, plunges headlong into the packaging. 

Millie, cute but challenged.