Sunday, 24 January 2016

KOW: The Grid: The Winter Crown

Had a smashing day over in Doncaster today with Steve and Lee, we all played in a 21 strong tournament at The Grid, they made us very welcome and I thoroughly enjoyed playing the 3 games we had.

I'm right at the back by the white door looking slightly out of focus, which may explain why I came last out of 21 :-)

There were some terrific armies and some equally clever tactics. Some great bases and some lovely home crafted models.

Beautifully rendered bases with sycamore seeds by Chris, very nice.

Warlord Hoplites by Dan.

Lee's goblin hordes.

And finally my Centaurs, about to get their butts kicked.
I learned lots of valuable lessons today, had a great day :-)

Just to confirm, last place, although there are two r's in Darryl.

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