Thursday, 28 January 2016

Mordheim: Meet the Middenfaced Muggers

It may well be that I am about to get back into playing Mordheim again. One of my favourite games, along with Necromunda and Quest, that GW came up with in the 90's. When they were creative.

Well a group have started to play down at the Wakefield Warriors club and I feel I have to get involved. It is one I cannot afford to miss. I would like to play Frostgrave too and will try to get it off the ground, but I must go with the flow at the moment.

The Middenfaced Muggers
A Middenheim Warband

Captain McThorn

Sergeant Charle

Blackhead Bill

Young Artur to complete.

The Marksman.

The Warriors.

So let me introduce you too the :

Middenfaced Muggers, a right dodgy bunch of mercs

Captain McThorn: (Hero) dagger, sword, light armour, shield 

Sergeant Charle: (Hero) dagger, spear, sword, light armour, shield

Young Artur: (Hero) dagger, hammer x2, light armour

Blackhead Bill: (Hired) 2 handed axe, light armour

2 Warriors : (Hench) dagger, spear, buckler

2 Marksmen : (Hench) dagger, longbow

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