Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Castle Update Three and almost complete

Update on the castle I've been working on. Well it's almost complete. The main thing to make is a shed load of windows and perhaps a few doors and all will be done.
This what I have so far, all constructed, bar the windows, painted and stained.

Basic castle shape. (I did not make the socket and plug :-) )

This is how it looked back in June '15 when I decided to remake the castle.
I am very glad I took the plunge and got it finished.

Made two different types of wall interiors, 4 with pillars and 2 with arches. I like how they came out.

Larger castle with village outside.

A few units to give the idea of scale.

I added a few walkways and inner levels.

I really like all the interior wall sections, the added detail was a pain to do but well worth it.

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