Friday, 1 January 2016

Castle Update

While Saturnalia was being celebrated and internet connection did not exist I thought I would work on the castle model I restarted a few months ago. Well this is how far I have got.

Here are all the parts of the castle, in various states of development, but with all there basic bits painted.

There are 5 smaller towers, 2 larger towers, 6 wall sections a main gate with towers and a square ish arched building, with the open tower on in the picture.

The darker bits have coated in varnish, dark oak, its how the whole castle will look in the end.

I have been trying to add as much detail as the project develops. Here I've been painting stones onto the interior walls.

A bit fiddly and non too exact, but I think they will look OK.

A finished wall section, I'm making two like these, I intend making 2 more pairs of designs, some with pillars, not yet thought out.

The interior of the wall section, printed with pieces of rubber, better than painting by hand, but still took a while.

Next time I post about the castle, it should be complete.

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