Sunday, 3 January 2016

KOW: Dwarf War Machines

I have been reviewing the Dwarfs over the holiday period and decided to make some extra miniatures to improve their chances of success and to use up the last of the Dwarf models I have.

So carrying on with the theme of using spear chukkas as cannons I added 2 extra bolts to these to make them into 2 Ironbelcher organ guns.

Also after a lot of deliberation I have decided to use the choppers as Flame Belchers, mainly because the Belcher can still move and fire, even if it is only 4". This way they are completely legal re-KOW rules and I get to use the two models I built.

So I had to add a slightly larger base, 50 mm to make them finally legal. Will be interesting to see how they play.

Lastly here are the dregs of my Dwarf models and what I intend doing with them. Some of these ideas might make you ask "why?" or smirk, I don't mind as I often ask myself the same questions with a wry look on my face.

So the 2 groups of Dwarfs, in the forefront, are going to be made into 2 units of  20 Ironwatch Crossbows, with the bow pilfered from my dark elves bits box, stuck to their backs, and a larger x-bow on the bear as a filler.

At the rear, and this will be a stretch, I'm making 2 units of 10 Berserker Brock Riders out of left over Dwarfs and a mixture of small woodland creatures I bought from Home Bargains. Not sure how these will turn out, could be disastrous, we will see.

Finally over on the left of the picture is the original Dwarf from Warhammer Quest which I found hidden in a load of 80'S Dwarfs I got on Ebay. I'll be painting him up for use in Quest.

Then all the Dwarfs are complete!!!

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