Friday, 15 January 2016

KOW: Dwarfs V Empire of Dust

This is another quick report in which I comment more on the hideous decisions of generalship I made and how Steve, who won, capitalized on them.

I new that Steve was playing with Empire of Dust and so decided to create a desert feel to the terrain.

On the right flank the berserkers and the 2 units of rangers became embroiled in a long tif with the scorpion, a terrible waste of time for the Dwarfs.

Shooting really let me down throughout the whole game. The machines just missed nearly every time.

The bulk of the army of the Dust round the temple in the centre of the game.

On the left the berserkers get ambushed by the skeleton horse and bone dragon. This is where I lose the left flank and opens my army up to flank attacks. Steve's maneuverability, or his troops at least, made life very difficult for the dwarfs.

After the berserkers take the skeleton horse out, this flank becomes bogged down and really it wastes these troops when I could have used them more effectively toward the centre setting up flank attacks

A huge wall of troops are bearing down on me and I don't seem to have whittled any wounds off them at all!

Steve did an interesting thing here, he charged his pharoh into by bombard to try to silence it, it did stoop it firing for a turn, but surprisingly it survived.

With the majority of the Dust army bearing down on the dwarfs, I decided to take a leap and charge into combat. While I did injure the units in front of me, I failed to roll high enough to rout them, oh lord!

Steve used the bone dragon on one side and the bone giant on the other to trap the horde of ironclad
and the elementals. Not good. 

The shield breakers had the chance to charge the worm riders and took it. But agin while they did loads of damage I could not roll high enough to rout the unit, I think I rolled a three on 2D6!

I did enjoy playing on the terrain, thought it fitted well.

With the elementals and the Ironclad dead, you can see the shieldbreakers are pretty much alone and about to be surrounded.

Another flank charge seals their fate.

Double charged the berserkers have no chance,

By this point the game was lost and mopping up had started.


The big thing I learned from this was that hordes, big hordes are not always the way to go. They lack maneuverability. More regiments might have given me the chance to get a flank charge or two on Steve. 
The second thing I learned from this was that perhaps I am using the wrong war machines, so I intend using the organ guns and flame belcher next time I play with the dwarfs.
This will not be for a while as I am playing in a tournament on the 24 Jan with the Herd, so they need practising with.
Finally I learned, as if I didn't already know, that Steve is an excellent general, well done to him.

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