Sunday, 17 January 2016

Small Dice box

This is the smaller box I take to carry all my bits and pieces, markers etc when I play KOW.
It was plain until yesterday, I spent a while printing the stone marks all over it, had fun actually.
(Yes it was snowing lots here last night.)

I painted various marks on the outside of the box, mainly made up to be honest.

The inside lid, features a grid made from BBQ skewers so I can set my dice out in groups of 5, what a professional eh! Shame I never flaming well win! :-)

Couldn't resist doing some more stone patterns on the underside of the box, Then the whole thing has been coated with satin dark oak stain.

What I put in it.

How the dice compartments look with the dice.
I love making stuff like this it has to be said, sad I know :-)

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