Monday, 4 January 2016

KOW: Herd Chariot Horde

After seeing Garry Sharp's Wood Elf Army over on the KOW Fanatics Facebook page I decided I would have a go act making my modest 3 chariots into an effect horde fro Kings of War.

The end result above, but I started by cutting and MDF base, 150 mm by 200 mm and then sticking the three chariots onto it. Then I filled round the bases of the chariots and hound, with pollyfilla,  to make them blend together better.

I then added some stone, the same French granite I used on the Stampede unit I made.

Then I painted the base green.

Added green gravel that I bought ages ago on Ebay, for aquariums.

Then I dabbed stain round the egdes and in places I thought it looked good.

Can you spot my test stain area? Why at the front Darryl?

Finally I added some static grass, this was when I found out I had hardly any!

And lichen, of which I have tonnes.

So the completed horde will be playing tonight over at the club at Wakefield, looking forward to it :-)

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