Sunday 30 September 2018

D&D 5e: DM's Station

While I was away I spent some time thinking how to re-organise my stuff to play a game of D&D. I had a look at some fantastic tables and some ingenious hand made boxes to house all the paraphernalia that a DM and players might need.

I don't have the room for a bespoke table nor for anything that can't be broken up into smaller, store-able parts, so for the present this is my solution.

I thought some boxes from Ikea may be useful and since I had 2 I had bought, and not used, I got one down from the loft and filled it with dice, pencils and tokens, miniatures and stat cards for monsters, very tidy.

The legs for the board are made from heavy card tubing, with non-slip rubber matting hot glue gunned to the bottom and top. Will be painting them also.

Will discuss this terrain another post when completed, took me about an hour to make and paint the lot, very quick.

I also, he said cringing a little, decided to cut my DM screen in half to better use the space.

I have remade my playing are for miniatures and terrain, originally I had two 24" by 12" boards but yesterday I set about making a 24"by 24" board, as its far more stable. Needs to be painted and ready to go for Tuesday as I have a game I'm DM ing, then again for the weekend for a mammoth session for my sons birthday(30) eek!

THe MDF board cut and the card tubing ready to be marked out as legs.

Still need cleaning up the grooves take a long time to make as they are cut by hand by me with a Stanley Knife, each one marked very carefully then cut at an angle. Once sanded and cleaned will be painted.

Wednesday 26 September 2018

Solo Frostgrave/D&D: Alone in the Crypt

The gnolls came out of nowhere. One minute you were leading your men through the ruins of an ancient chapel, the next, howling dog-men were all over the place. Suddenly the rotten floorboards gave way under your feet and you tumbled into the darkness.

Getting to your feet, you took a couple of steps and found the remains of some ancient skeletal warrior.  

The rules are to be found in the first Spellcaster mag that Joseph A. McCullough gave us to be used in conjunction with the Sellsword rules in the Frostgrave Folio, smashing publications. 
You play as a lone character trying to escape a crypt that you have unfortunately fallen into. 

However being an idiot I tried to play it with a D&D Paladin 1st level, thought it might be fun.

I substituted my terrain in for the boards you can download from Osprey games, and I didn't give Ullan the bow and magical arrows he was meant to have. I did him a disservice really, hence the many deaths, however it was fun.

This was my third go at playing, the first that I got to 5 turns!
Ullan had to open chests to help his escape, reach the exit and escape, sounds easy doesn't it!

Attempt One

Ullan carefully strode from the pile of rubble he arose from and made for the first treasure chest, his stealth role was a success, he swore deeply under his breath and moved steadily.

Again Ullan tried to move quietly across the crypt, but his army clanked noisily and..

the two skeletons, made towards him at full speed.

Ullan decided it was time to see what these skeletons were made of, charging he did 8 wounds to the undead horror, but failed to kill it.

In the gloom another creature appeared in the crypt, a Ghoul shuffled forward.

The skeleton struck back but missed.

Ullan took another swing at the foe before him and.... missed. The conglomeration of bones struck back and did 8 wounds to Ullan, he staggered backwards.

Ullan lay hands upon himself and restored 5 wounds hoping to give himself a breather, but in the next combat he was hacked to pieces by both the skeletons and so the game ended with a dead hero clutching one sorry purse of gold. 

Attempt Two

This was the more successful second session, unfortunately I missed the first turn. Sorry :-)

Using the same technique as the first attempt, Ullan tried to make his way to the first treasure without making a sound and crouching low so as not to be seen. He reached the treasure, but all it was, was useless gold.

Having removed the gold carefully Ullan moved on to the next treasure.

 Ullan scooted across the crypt floor like a strictly come dancing contestant, opened the chest that sat there and pulled out a pair of Boots of Speed, however he managed to knock the whole chest clattering to the floor... the two skeletons looked in his direction and moved slowly.

In the next turn two more skeletons appear, and the first couple shamble after Ullan, who tries he door but has no luck, its not the exit.

Ullan decides its time to thin out the undead so throws a javelin at the nearest skeleton and does 6 damage.

The skeletons move and one gets a chance of an attack doing 7 hits.

Another skeleton enters the crypt and Ullan uses the Boots of Speed to flee the skeletons.

A couple of the skeletons get to make attacks of opportunity but they all miss, the boots give disadvantage.

Ullan moved to the door but it proved to be a false hope, there was no exit to be had.

He rushed over to the far side of the crypt to draw the undead away, killing one with a javelin on the way.

As he hoped the skeletons followed.

The Boots of speed are really doing the job, Ullan speeds away.

Another zombie appears in the crypt.

The undead gather again on Ullan's location.

He madly rushes for the next door...

the foul undead creatures in pursuit...

but before they can reach him he pushes the door wide and smells the clear fresh air of freedom.

Ullan had escaped but to be honest if I had not had the Boots of Speed all would have been lost. I think I managed to weigh the game in favour of the creatures far too much, mainly because I didn't take the bow or arrows given to the hero via the scenario. 

Friday 21 September 2018

D&D 5e: Cottage Boards Update

An update of how far I've got with the different types of 3D building boards I started making a while back. All the building is actually complete, next is to paint all the pieces and then make the doors, windows and other furniture.

These all have steps, same poor design as the laminated versions, so don't tell me they don't work, Ta :-) These make basic cottages, 1 to 4 floors high.

These three boards are the way by which I can extend the first set to make larger buildings in general, like warehouses and mansions etc. I have left one wall off the board so that is the side that attaches to the other 4 original boards.

With the addition of a few doors these become larger versions of the basic cottage.

Very large single story buildings, they may have upper floors too, which I can make from the other boards.

Some of the doors and windows complete, will need a few more.

Did this for fun, but made me really think how these things could stack.

Two different types of warehouse.

Will be painting these shortly although I don't need them for our next D&D game as they PC's are currently deep underground exploring some caverns and looking for kidnapped children.

Also, am off for a week, on holiday to Wales, so won't be posting for a while, thanks for visiting my blog :-)