Tuesday 30 December 2014

Cavern Game Shots

I thought that I would see out the year with some new shots of one of the last caverns that I recently made. I have dressed it up a bit with some furniture and some models.

My children came to visit over the holiday and we discussed D&D, as my son still plays quite regularly, we talked about the virtual world of D&D where the whole experience is in the players mind compared with the Board Game that Quest is.

Where D&D doesn't need the board, furniture or even actual models, he uses Dowe Egberts coffee jar lids with the character name slipped inside, I think that Quest flourishes because of the extra visuals that help bring it to life. The careful, exciting, verbal description of a setting or monster will always win over physical models for me, but I love the whole activity of problem solving and creating those models for their own sake and for play in Warhammer Quest.

So while I may go back to playing more D&D in the future, I have rolled up some characters, I have loads of inspiration and plans for what is to come for our Warhammer Quest games next year. Should be good fun.

The Shrine

Wednesday 24 December 2014

Merry Xmas from the Atheist

The true face of Gobbla says happy Xmas. 

More Old Pictures

Old Pictures
I am in the process of replacing loads of pictures over on Warseer that seem to have recently disappeared, so I am going to plonk them all here in one big post so that I can dip into them and add them when I need to.

This post will change as there are some 30/40 pictures missing and I don't like the idea of blanks being displayed rather than photo's that I have already taken the trouble to take.

The Windy Wharfe: Roof and Surrounds

I am still working away on the Windy Wharfe although it is making my head hurt a little. I have remodeled the roof and begun to think about where to place doors and how to build and position the windows. I am thinking that round windows may be the way to go, but those are very fiddly.

I have been making tiles for the outside of the Inn as well, but these are being made from cereal packet, doubled over to give more thickness!! Its all I have. So the floor tiles on the exterior need to go on first then I can seal the model with PVAconcrete and then we have the painting to consider!

I still have an awful lot to do on this project. I think the next time that I post about it will be when it is nearly finished. I have to clad the roof interior, put the stone work or wood on gable ends, put a chimney on, make the windows and then paint the whole thing. 

The main thing is I feel much more happy about the general design and look of the Wharfe. And as a result am far more likely to continue working on it.

Monday 22 December 2014

A Very Old Adventure

I have had too add these pictures to the blog as they have disappeared from my Warseer Blog and I need to repost them. I don't think they have appeared here before they are from a very early game. All these characters actually died during the summer 2014.
Also very poor pictures from my old phone, sorry.