Friday 30 September 2016

Navajo Outpost Model Alterations

This is what I have managed to do to the card building I bought from Infinity Miniatures. 
Basically I glued the whole thing together with wood glue, added packing card to the insides to add strength. 
Make corner sections and seal them in with PVAcrete after I had added a hardboard base.

All in all its a lot more solid and would stand up to being played with at the club, not sure I like them though.

Hardboard base. Just incase you didn't know what one looked like ;-)

What I don't like is that they are essentially flat terrain and by the time I have fannied about adding stuff I could make something I like better.

Shame because they are nicely designed, but then they are also very cheap. Will complete all the buildings and crates as quickly as I can and get them to the club.

Thursday 29 September 2016

KOW: Avatar of the Father, Herd Unique Character

This is my idea for the Avatar of the Father for the Herd army, a unique character, so you can have only one.

Its made from a Reaper bones minotaur, weapons removed and arms raised with some chosen chaos marine wings, I believe.

All mounted on a piece of granite from Cornwall.

GS was added to cover the mariney parts of the wings, fur does it everytime and to create slightly larger claws to help him stand well on the granite.

Mmmmm ....fur.

Then came the painting, lots of drybrushing with some rather cheap grey paints over a black undercoat, then drybrushed white- Citedal, details all added using Citedal paints.
Finally I picked out some of the details around the face with bleached bone and then finished off with antique oak stain to bring out the details.

Some lichen and clump foliage added to the base and the model is complete.

Look forward to playing with him next week.

Wednesday 28 September 2016

KOW: Herd V Abyssals 2000pts

Last week played Luke from Luke's APS down at WWarriors and oh boy did he kick my butt!

I took these on my phone, so quite a different look, they glow.

We played invade and while I did sneak 3 units into Luke's table half, he managed to kill all the rest of my army and get enough of his troops into my half to win 15-5 approximately. 

Despite being plied with beer.

Longmanes getting ambushed.

Another great game moment, the second longmane regiment getting routed, looks good.

Luke fielded 3 Efreets all with fireball 20, rather nasty, they took out my spirit walker horde some longhorns as well as wounding just about every unit I had..

So a very good game and much fun was had by all, but as you can see from this final shot I was well and truly handed my backside. 

Excellent stuff Luke, I'll get you next time (shakes fist in air)

Monday 26 September 2016

MUMG: Futuristic Game Board

These are some shots of the board I intend using for Marvel UMG. It is very much futuristic, mainly because all this terrain was built for other game systems. However I can't realistically see myself making any specific terrain for MUMG, I have too much already.

Am still having problems with the focus on my camera, or is it my eyes? Who can be sure?

So most of my games will be set either on alien space craft, industrial centres, alien worlds or worlds only visited via time travel. 

There is a box, somewhere with loads of crates and barrels, but I have no idea where presently.
I will have to make some more scatter terrain for throwing about, shipping containers and vehicles, crates and computer consuls!