Saturday, 24 September 2016

MUMG: The far.

Here are the 4 characters I have bought to create the Avengers I loved reading about as a kid. I haven't bought the best "team", just the models of the Avengers I loved.

The Vision.


The Black Panther.

I have to say that they have been quite fiddly to put together and have the potential for breakage, so if you buy any really be careful putting them together. As you can see I had to use bits of GS all over the place to fill gaps and to reinforce. There are lots of arms, legs and pieces of equipment to attach to some of the miniatures

I still need to add some stones and gravel to their bases before I start painting them, but I hope to get them at least primed today, although the house requires my carpentry skills for the majority of the day :-)

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