Wednesday, 28 September 2016

KOW: Herd V Abyssals 2000pts

Last week played Luke from Luke's APS down at WWarriors and oh boy did he kick my butt!

I took these on my phone, so quite a different look, they glow.

We played invade and while I did sneak 3 units into Luke's table half, he managed to kill all the rest of my army and get enough of his troops into my half to win 15-5 approximately. 

Despite being plied with beer.

Longmanes getting ambushed.

Another great game moment, the second longmane regiment getting routed, looks good.

Luke fielded 3 Efreets all with fireball 20, rather nasty, they took out my spirit walker horde some longhorns as well as wounding just about every unit I had..

So a very good game and much fun was had by all, but as you can see from this final shot I was well and truly handed my backside. 

Excellent stuff Luke, I'll get you next time (shakes fist in air)

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