Sunday 29 April 2018

Beers of War: The Armies, Doubles

Here are some of the armies from the doubles tournament yesterday at Beers of War over in Wakefield run by Lee. Loads of fantastic painting and loads of fun games. Will post some of the highlights from mine and Mick's day later.

Above Kev's Basileans and below Chris's Ogres.

Steve's fantastic Abyssal Dwarfs.

Mick's toothy Orcs.

My horrid Herd.

Goblin horde, not sure of owner, sorry.

Below Matt's Carthaginians.

Nature at its best.

Another lovely Nature army.

Finally a Salamander army, lovely use of scenery, especially the aquarium plants.

You may have noticed not been very present for last few days on blog or commenting, but have been poorly again! Slight flu thing, so my games were difficult yesterday but didn't want to let my partner down. Had a great as always, report to follow when brain works better :-)

Wednesday 25 April 2018

Gaslands: Meet the Gang

I completed the first three cars I am going to be using as my team. 

I've gone for a car, performance car and a pickup truck. Have yet to decide on the weapons but there will have to be a flamer thrower on the truck.

Never painted cars before, a few tanks, but not toy cars, so this was fun and different for me.

Death and Night and Blood are the three vehicles names, they race for team Raven: if you are familiar with the band, The Stranglers, you will get the references. 

This may well not be the best terrain to play on but it was all I had to hand as I have been moving stuff about in the loft and could't get to the sci-fi box.

Have made some dice for myself and am in the process of creating the needed templates. Will post when all complete.

Sunday 22 April 2018

D&D 5e: Sangwala Anansie, Dragonborn Paladin

Sangwala Anansie, is my new character for D&D after poor Manny Ram met a rather unfortunate end 3 weeks ago, namely having his head removed by an Ogre.

Never played a Dragonborn before or a Paladin and certainly haven't ever modelled or painted any Lizardmen models. This one is from my bits box and I have added bits from dwarves and wood elves spares I had.

I had to rework his right hand as the dwarf one had 4 fingers where as the Dragonborn only have 3.

The shield is a high elf plastic one with bits from a wood elf cloak and some GS leaves and buds.

The base is one of the Gangs of Rome bases we did with the jigsaw bits filled in.

Next is to get this painted as I am playing with it Monday night. Looking forward to it.

Friday 20 April 2018

Mordheim/Frostgrave: Building Revamp

Recently I have been trying to go through all my old buildings and give them a far more realistic look. Adding rubble, plaster and stones along with dead grass tufts to give a more derelict effect.

Once sprinkled over the base I sprayed the model with watered down PVA and left to set, repeat a few times and then for any large pieces I paint over with thicker PVA to seal.

I think it gives a far more realistic finish but isn't going to impinge on model placement or stability.

As well as adding rubble I have also been repainting some of the brick work to try to give more variation. So some of the blocks are now  brown and cream, but only lightly dry brushed.

Click on the picture below to see how it all began.

And this was how they looed until the make over.

Wednesday 18 April 2018

City/Construction Vehicles in a Post Apocalyptic Earth

£10 later and I'm beginning to wonder what I'm going to do with these.

Some general car types. "City Racers"

Some heavy "Construction Vehicles."

Aah.... now I understand, Gaslands!

Yep I have been bitten by the Gaslands bug, all due to some idle chat over on the Facebook page for the WWarriors and a couple of reports watched by Guerrilla Miniature Games. Ee I don't know, easily led me.

These three are all made from the cheap cars I got from Sainsbury's today and the bits are mostly 40K weapon parts. The small scoop on the sports car below/above is from an Epic Rhino and there are some card parts to suggest extra armour.

I do have some white plastic mesh from Ikea that's up in the loft, think I might add some to the windows tomorrow before I start painting them. Probably not the truck though because the windows are so small, would be daft.

I glued the dumper part down, didn't want it waggling up and down during play!

With these three completed construction wise, I'll get them painted and wait to see what other people are doing at the club, could be fun with 4 people all playing together.

I will need to create some templates but I have some from the Gaslands site and intend cutting them from 3 mm MDF and painting tarmac grey, but not till next week now.

Will also make from cards for these three and pop them up once they are complete. Need to read some rules next.