Thursday 28 December 2017

Zombicide: Doug, Wanda and Josh

Finally completed the first 3 Zombicide characters.

Their back sides.




Wednesday 27 December 2017

D&D: Woof WIP

Last night I spent some time working on a miniature for my friend Marcus whom I play D&D with. He had struggled to find a model that made Woof come to life, hope my attempt does. 

Woof is a feral dwarf, brought up by dogs I believe, who says very little but is ferocious in a brawl.

I have used a GW, LOTR, dwarf to base this miniature on, basically covering him in furs, teeth and hair. I've added some details to give that adventurer look, small back packs and a bed roll, although I can't imagine him using the roll at all.

I'm no seeing Marcus till the 8th of Jan so I will get it painted for him too after I show him where we are with the miniature so far.

Monday 25 December 2017

Frostgrave: Ice Shard terrain

In order to make up for the distinct lack of snow on this Christmas day I thought I would post this small piece of icy terrain I've made for Frostgrave. I have included to pictures of how I got to the end result as well.

 Hardboard base and left over clear glass shards from a garden centre.

Used Das to build a raised are in th centre and then pressed the glass into it and worked the Das up the sides for effect and strength.

Once the Das had dried I added stones, grit and sand and then sprayed with watered down PVA glue.

When that had had half an hour on the radiator I painted all but the glass white.

Then I made a wash by combining, GW green ink, my watered down dark oak wood stain, washing up liquid and water. This I dripped over the majority of the model. left it to dry again.

Added some more PVA from spray and sprinkled some white display sand I have been saving from the Range and that was the whole process.

Lights behind the glass shards look interesting, wonder if I can make another but add a small circuit with lights attached to get a glow effect.

Happy Saturnalia :-)

Saturday 23 December 2017

MUMG: Juggernaut

This is my version of the Juggernaut for MUMG, although since the game is no longer supported by Knight Miniatures I may look for a different rule set.

This is a Heroclix Rhino model which I have converted slightly, removed horns and added the helmet and bands on his wrists. The base is from a cat food box, what else.

All the terrain is hand made by me from card and wood and watch parts.

Friday 22 December 2017

KOW: Night -Stalkers 1000 points

Here are the first 1000 points I have made for my Kings of War Night-Stalkers army.

"Hey fellas they killed Kenny!"



Void Lurker

Shadow Hulk

The list so far is as follows, 
Void Lurker
Shadow Hulk
Horde of Butchers
Horde of Fiends
Troop of Spectres

These have all been made in the same way, cork, card and wire frame, hot glue gunned over the top and then painted.