Monday, 25 December 2017

Frostgrave: Ice Shard terrain

In order to make up for the distinct lack of snow on this Christmas day I thought I would post this small piece of icy terrain I've made for Frostgrave. I have included to pictures of how I got to the end result as well.

 Hardboard base and left over clear glass shards from a garden centre.

Used Das to build a raised are in th centre and then pressed the glass into it and worked the Das up the sides for effect and strength.

Once the Das had dried I added stones, grit and sand and then sprayed with watered down PVA glue.

When that had had half an hour on the radiator I painted all but the glass white.

Then I made a wash by combining, GW green ink, my watered down dark oak wood stain, washing up liquid and water. This I dripped over the majority of the model. left it to dry again.

Added some more PVA from spray and sprinkled some white display sand I have been saving from the Range and that was the whole process.

Lights behind the glass shards look interesting, wonder if I can make another but add a small circuit with lights attached to get a glow effect.

Happy Saturnalia :-)

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