Wednesday, 13 December 2017

D&D: Manny the Monk

He was created to be my new D&D 5e first level character that we started playing with few weeks ago.
I will post more about his stats and background in another post, today I'll just show the miniature itself.
Manny Ram is a conglomeration of GW models, part High Elf, Wood Elf and a fair bit of GS to pull it all together. His pet rat is made from GS, first rat I have modeled.

I was trying to get the idea that he gets two attacks each turn, one is a bonus action.

Sweep with spear and punch combo.

Wood elf head, torso and legs with High elf arms and spear, tied together with GS, like the rat and backpack.

I am also going to use him as my Heritor in Ghost as well. You will have seen this model in bits and pieces, mainly on board the Wicked Wendy ship I made for Ghost Archipelago.

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