Friday 31 July 2015


My Frostgrave book arrived yesterday and I have been reading through it. It looks smashing and I am really looking forward to creating a Wizard and their warband. Can well imagine Serefina playing as a witch, backed up by a group of warriors.

Not sure if I will buy any models, I can probably put together two warbands from the miniatures I already have. I could take them from either the Quest Characters I have made or from the vast Warhammer collection I have.

Of course that means I will need to look at my terrain and think how I can imbue it with the winter feel it will need.

Here are a couple of possible warbands and the absolutely gorgeous book, which shouts quality with every page turned. Sumptuous photography and beautiful illustrations make this tome a pleasure to own.

Thursday 30 July 2015

Storage Box Complete

Finished varnishing the storage box last night, its really solid and look forward to using it next time I travel to Mick's, or the Club.

Lastly a shot of the storage box and some of the smaller boxes I have made over the years.

Also did some site work as realised that most of my posts in the last 18 months have been to do with Warhammer Quest but that I had not labelled any of them as Quest items- well now I have.

Wednesday 29 July 2015

AOSigmar Cards

I am not suggesting this is a genius idea, there must be hundreds of people who have done this.

All I have done is print out all the cards A4 size cut them down to single cards and then laminated then to use in games and when looking at troop choices.

It does make choosing an army very straight forward and I have always liked cards in games, only surprised that I haven't tried to draw them all out and colour them by hand ;-)

At the moment this will be the next army I have a go with. I have dropped the Ungor Raiders and added the Razorgor. 

The only other change I am considering making is to drop the BSB  and either add another Bray-Shaman or Malagor or Morghur.

Tuesday 28 July 2015

AOSigmar: Beastmen V Tomb Kings: Game 2

Played AOSigmar again last night at the Wakefield Warriors club and again against Steve. Had my backside handed to me big style. I couldn't roll a dice when I needed to, Steve played very well having changed his list a little. He had swapped the chariots for Grave guard and taken his Tomb king off his chariot too.

I had left out the Gors and brought in a Cygor. 
Just a few pictures to give the feel of the game.

The bestigor were later destroyed by battleshock
Poor photos taken on my phone I'm afraid. Rather washed out.

Shooting and battleshock from the skeleton archers took the ungor raiders out bar the last 2! 

The coke cans played no real part in the game.

Large combat which resulted in the death of the Bestigor and the Cygor.

The minotaurs and Doombull eventually killed the Necrosphinx.

The chariots and the BSB worked well together, the chariots got to re-roll their attacks when they charge anyway, but because of the bSB they got add 1 to their to wound roll too. They killed I Ushabti and wounded another.

The Tomb King revels in his victory. 

As do all his undead minions.


The game came to an end with only the Doombull alive: a great victory for the Tomb Kings.

I thoroughly enjoyed the game and it was very quick this time through, we remembered all the rules apart from looking up spells or abilities.

There is definitely more to this game than I thought. The order in which you do things and the synergie between units and characters is very important.
I intend to carry on using the Beastmen, partly because I like them, but also because they have always been a challenge to play with well and in AOSigmar it seems they are as well. Also I will get to know all their rules and hopefully I will get a better flavour of AOSigmar.

Monday 27 July 2015

Storage Case: Pre-painting

Having been away, then playing several games recently I've not had as much time to work on my storage box, but today I hope to get the building finished so that it is ready to paint tomorrow.
Here it is, so far, with all the PVAcrete done and just the painting to be completed will be finished tomorrow. In fact I had a bit of a go last night, couldn't resist :-)

With the paint and the sand the whole structure is a lot stronger, looking forward to completing it today.

Sunday 26 July 2015

AOSigmar: Beastmen v Tomb Kings

Had my very first game of AOSigmar and at the end of the report I will let you have my thoughts, for what they are worth.
I played with the army I posted yesterday and Steve played with Tomb Kings, we decided to take 8 units with no more than 20 models in a unit and up to 2 monsters.

This was Steve's army:
Tomb King on a Royal chariot
Liche Priest
20 Archers
4 Skeleton chariots
1 screaming skull catapult
Bone Giant

Deployment over, Steve handed the first turn to me.

My Great Bray-Shamen tried to summon a monster and failed.

I didn't let the Beastmen surge too far forward, although many could have moved further than they did.

The shock of seeing the Necrosphinx right up in my face must have been a treat for Steve, I couldn't believe it!

The Skeleton Chariots got very close to the Ungor Raiders protecting my Bray-Shaman and Wargor BSB.

The Bone Giant kept up with the skeletons, well nearly.

Missed some shots here concentrating on the game. The Necrosphinx charged the chariots and destroyed them, but because it was within 3" of the Minotaurs they got to pile into the combat.

Between the last gasp attack of the last chariot and the Minotaurs with Slaughter's call, the Necrosphinx was dispatched.

At the last minute the Skeleton Chariots swerved to take on the Gors who were threatening their flank.

Together with the Tomb King in his chariot they destroyed  the Gors.

The Bestigor rounded the ruins in an attempt to single out the Tomb King and draw as many attacks as possible on him.

The Bone giant moved forward ready to charge.

The last 2 Gor were sent to the after life by the Tomb King.

The poor Ungor Raiders were stamped and punched into the ground, only 3 got to attack back, poor little loves.

The Bestigor make it into the Tomb King, over the next 3 rounds of combat the Bestigor managed to fluff  their attacks rather badly.
While my Doombull failed a 6 " charge into the Bone Giant.

Here I made a terrible error, never charge into combat with 2 characters if you don't have too, the Giant trod on the Wargor BSB, a waste, and the Shaman failed to hurt the Huge creature.

The minotaurs continue to plough on through the archers.

The Skeleton Chariots retreat out of the combat area, while the Bestigor v Tomb King fight raged on. The Tomb King was very tough.

The minotaurs keep slugging at the Skeleton archers. The archers fail to wound the minotaurs.

The Bestigor fight on, I kept hoping for a good series of dice rolls, but they never came.

The Bray-Shaman retreated out of combat with the Bone Giant.

The minotaurs finished off the archers.

My Shaman cast Savage Dominion and suddenly there loomed a huge bladed form of a Ghorgon.

My Doombull finally charged into the Bone Giant.

This was the Liche summoning Skeleton archers.

The Skeleton Chariots thundered into what was left of the Bestigor.

In a combat that the Dukes of Hazard would have been truly proud of, Boss Hog, that was the Bestigor unit, realised his end had finally come.

The minotaurs strode towards the screaming skull catapult.

Both the Doombull and the Ghorgon managed to destroy the chariots, although the Doombull was dispatched as well, while the Ghorgon suffered 3 wounds.

While the minotaurs killed the crew of the catapult while the Liche Priest raised more and more skeleton archers.

For the second time the Great Bray-Shaman cast Arcane Bolt causing 1 damage to the Tomb King.

In the dieing moments the catapult was destroyed and the Tomb King tried to kill the Shaman but failed. 

At this point we decided to call the game. The day was running on and we had played an even number of turns.


After some discussion we decided to give Steve the game. Mainly because his army had really stood up so well to a much larger force. He could have legitimately played for a sudden death scenario, I more than outnumbered him by the requisite amount. but we wanted to play a straight forward game for our first try.

So what did I think- I actually enjoyed it very much and will look forward to playing another game. 
  • I really liked how the characters mainly provided buffs for their troops and how magic no longer dominated the game. 
  • I also loved the free movement options, the skirmish aspect to the game really frees it up. Its 40k style works well in my opinion (its something I had been advocating for years). 
  • I did not miss the idea of ranks and blocks at all or all the shuffling for position to enable a charge.
  • The War Scrolls made it easier to play, were very easy to understand and I just like them.  
  • We both felt that it was full of strategy, eg deciding where you would fight and in what order.
  • The simplicity of the magic phase was refreshing.
  • I liked the whole retreating aspect of the game, which made up for not being able to flee a charge.
  • The only issues were, force balance and perhaps the 3" rule concerning combat and pile ins. But I think the former can be sorted by prior discussion between players and the latter I probably need to read again.
We both enjoyed the game, it ebbed and flowed from one side to the other which kept us thinking and  talking. It is not the game I was expecting :-)
Cheers for the game Steve.