Saturday 25 July 2015

Age of Sigmar Beastman Army

Later today I'm going to be playing my first AOS game with my friend Steve, who has not played before either. It's looking like a battle between Beastmen and Tomb Kings, but I will know for certain when Steve gets here.

We have decided to limit ourselves a bit, so we can have, 8 scrolls, with a maximum of 20 wounds in a scroll and 2 monster choices.

I've basically taken the army I used to pay Mick in our last game slightly altered to fit the limits we have set.

My army will be:
Wargor BSB
Great Bray Shaman
20 Gors
20 Bestigor
2 Chariots
6 Minotaurs
20 Ungor Raiders

If you haven't seen one, this is what a scroll looks like:

Here is my army as it stands:

The minotaurs will have a standard and musician, got the wrong models out!


  1. That is a cracking looking force. I love painted armies!

    1. Cheers Riot, will post the game tomorrow, I hope.