Saturday 11 July 2015

Beastmen V Night Goblins WFB (8th) Battle Report

Well me and Mick are on a roll at the moment, four games this year, fantastic! So this was our game this hot sultry Thursday night.

Skarsnik Night Goblin Cheiftain of the Black Peaks had for some time felt that the Beastmen of the Red Forest were getting far too cocky for their own good and needed to be taught a lesson.

The Beatman Army 2000 pts:
Doom lord
Shaman Level 2 
Wargor Bsb
43 Gor
Chariot x2
25 Bestigor
5 Minotaurs
6 Harpies

The Night Goblin Horde of Skarsnik
Skarsnik and Gobbla
Night Goblin Shaman Level 4
40 Night Goblins with spears
40 Night Goblins with hand weapons
20 Night Goblins, hand weapons and 2 Fanatics x2
6 Trolls
40 Squigs
2 Manglers
6 Squig Hoppers

Initial deployment, the Night Goblins won the first turn.

Skarsniks Prodder saw the first chariot go up in smoke (I think.)

Squig Hoppers and the Mangler drifted across the right flank towards the beastman lines, 

On the left the other Mangler and the Giant stepped forward briskly.

My Harpies could see they may have to make the ultimate sacrifice and confront the Mangler.

Two units of Night Goblins moved forward, I wonder if they have Fanatics in their midst?

The Beastman Shamen casts Wyssans wild form on the horde of Gors in the centre.

The rest of the army moves forwards towards the ruins.

The Razorgor is narrowly missed by the Mangler on the right. 

The Fanatics stream out of the two Night Goblin units and plough through the unit of Gors.
While the second Mangler moves in to reap havoc on the Gors.

They lose only a few troops as the Wyssans saves them from the worst

The Night Goblin Shamen cast a vortex from the safety of the building and it passes through the Gors. A strength test, which Wyssans helps to negate , only 4 die!

The great sacrifice, both the Razorgor and the Harpies are destroyed. But it was worth it, the Manglers could have made a complete mess of my army.

The Gors chase and run down the first Night Goblin unit while the Bestigor miss the second and next up split by the wall. 

The Giant hangs about in the wings.

Skarsnik and Gobbla make the charge in the front of the Minotaurs while the Trolls crash into their flank. Not good for the Beastmen!

In the ensuing combat Skarsnik is despatched by the Doombull and one of his Minotaurs, however the whole unit is wiped from the battle, save the Doombull who is run down and killed.

Not good for the Beastmen. Mick thought the Bestigor would tear throught the Night Goblins but it was not to be. The Bestigor could only manage 5 wounds while the NG managed too many to count! The Bestigor were run down and removed from play.

On the left flank the Gors had charged the building, killed the Night Goblin Shamen and had entered the building to get out of harms way.

The squig hoppers charged the chariot but were, very surprisingly, repelled and sent running.

In turn they were charged by the Trolls and fled.

Here is where I made my final and fatal error. The game was won, Mick had it in the bag, so to speak, but I could have created a few more problems than I did for him. I should have appeared in a different formation, bus, and to the far side of the building facing the Night Goblins.
But Caesar I am not, so just came out with a silly grin on my face "Hello, here I am!"

I thought the Squig herd would do for me, but no, Mick knew better.

A Giant in the rear and the Battle standard with a Horde of Night Goblins in the side, Doh!

The Trolls did very well.

Even with Wyssans on it was an impossible position to be in and the game was lost. The Gors were run down and all perished!
Well played Mick.

To be honest I think Mick played well and I probably did a couple of things wrong to aid him.
I moved the Bestigor and Minotaurs up too aggressively, giving him the charge.
And as I mentioned, I could have come out of the building in a better position.
But overall a fun game which was well fought.
Will probably be a month before we play again, look forward to it.


  1. I thought I had him when I killed Skarsnik, but then my Doombull died too, oh the agony! :-)