Friday 3 July 2015

ClashOTF: Slathers Complete

I have been really taking my time getting these finished, not because I was developing my sculpting skills, but because I couldn't be bothered to complete the last 10 shoulders. But now they are all made they will be painted pretty quick, as they are quite straight forward.

I used two different methods to create their legs this time, for 10 I just used GS and for the other ten I made a card former glued into place and modeled over the top of. Both had their positives and negatives, the card was difficult to glue on but easier to model on top of. The GS legs were just fiddly, and difficult to shape.

Again I doubt that I will ever make any more of these, but I have enjoyed making them. I can see me coming up with some other types already.

The last five to be painted. Thought I'd show the greens.


  1. Lovley little blighters, thanks for sharing!

    1. Cheers Alexander, will get them into a game shortly :-)