Wednesday 15 July 2015

Quest: Break in at the Black Hat

Having spent some time talking with Grisbee in order to get the right story, Grisbee can become easily confused very quickly, the adventurers felt certain they knew where they might find their stolen casket.

Faroth, Azzra and Gwend all took a sideways look at Bill, who nodded in agreement and shouted loudly that someone should pay as he smashed his 15th pint mug down on the table...
Yes, they all felt, Bill would definitely be a liability. In fact the mission may as well be aborted while the group were still warm and safe and in the Wharf....
Luckily Bill passed out drinking his 34th  pint and it was decided that Brogo the Halfling would come along as he had "certain" skills.

Later that night they set off towards a notorious shop close to the Windy Wharf, with the intention of breaking in and finding their purloined item.

Brogo quickly found a poorly fitting window and with deft fingers opened it enough to gain access.

He looked about inside the shop but there was no casket to be found.
But there was a trap door and it had the look of a door that had recently been used.
(Don't ask.)

The adventurers climbed down the ladder and into the caverns below.

While Brogo scuttled off to find out what lay ahead the rest of the party found themselves confronted by three Chaos Dwarf guards.

The Guards were dispatched, but only after quite a tussle which lasted several turns.

The adventurers followed Brogo towards what turned out to be a dead end, although they could not get through, it felt as if the tunnels should continue. They searched for a secret doorway , but found nothing.

They turned back, luckily not coming across any wandering monsters. 

As they carefully rounded a couple of large crates, Azzra heard the muffle sounds of gruff Chaos Dwarf voices. Gwend could smell the scent of sulfur and grease. Faroth cautioned against rushing headlong round the corner.

They edged towards the the turn and decided that a sudden rush was what they must do to avoid being shot to pieces by the blunderbusses! 

The plan worked, they manged to get into combat, Gwend and Faroth leading the way, Azzra providing the much needed back up. Brogo tried to get through the throng of Dwarfs and further into the cavern system. 

Faroth's blow missed wildly.

The dwarfs proved to be tougher than the group expected.

Faroth cast the Sword of Anerion and used his lightening ring to give the group an edge.
But it left a gap between them and the blunderbuss wielding Chaos Dwarfs allowing 3 of them to shoot. Nearly a calamity, Brogo was shot down,

However Faroth cast Healing hands on the group which brought Brogo back from near death and restored much needed wounds to the rest of the group (well 1 each)

Despite warnings from Brogo the group launched themselves into the last chamber, some sort of small cavern only to be confronted by a Hobgoblin Champion and 3 Chaos Dwarf centaurs. Immediately Faroth cast Sword of Anerion  which took the Hobgoblin by surprise, especially after he had failed to wound Gwend with his Ambush attack. Gwend, infuriated, struck him down where he stood. Azzra also wounded the Centaur on the right side of the cavern. 

After a protracted battle, where Faroth rolled very low for magic, although not any ones thankfully, the three centaurs were slain.

Faroth had just enough magic to cast Healing hands.

At this point, as if by magic, Malo Dour, the owner of the Black Hat appeared before our heroes. 
All apologies, he swiftly handed them the casket they had been searching for and explained that he had intended returning it to the owners as soon as he had found out who they were. A likely story.
Somewhat confused the group were hurriedly escorted from the caverns and brought safely back to the Black Hat with a purse of 100 Gp in compensation.

As Brogo said,"that seemed a little strange, as if we were being fobbed off by some one who didn't want us to see more!"
Faroth simply commented that all he wanted to do now was find Bill and have a quiet drink while they figured out how to open the casket.
A quiet drink! 


  1. I love Chaos Dwarfs! After the closely fought tussle with the Chaos Dwarf Guards I thought the party were doomed when confronted by the Chaos Dwarf Centaurs and the Hobgoblin Champion. A well-earned victory and a great battle report!

    1. Cheers Gordon, its the first time we have played with them and they are tough little blighters :-)
      It was the Blunderbusses that really scared me.
      Glad you enjoyed the report.

  2. A great report, the dwaves seemed a though nut to crack! But now I wonder, what else are the they hiding in the caverns?
    A great read, looking forward to the next one!

  3. Ah, there has to be something else doesn't there, what else do the caverns below Jaccio City hide?