Tuesday 27 April 2021

NPC Flat Designs


This my set up for drawing my Flat miniatures, Its important, for me at least, that the board is at an angle so I don't get a stiff neck and then a headache.

Nothing fancy at all, a computer chair with a board propped up on it, but it works fine.
I sit on the edge of our sofa with an extra cushion.
Its riveting stuff ain't it this?

The flats are drawn both front and back photocopied and painted before they are put together.

Finally a quick note and a big thanks to my friend Wayne who bought me this rather nifty and very slim light box or light pad, I should say.

This is how the Light pad works, its brilliant. previously I had been holding stuff up against windows to see through them.

Cheers again Wayne, much appreciated.

Sunday 25 April 2021

Stargrave: More Terrain

Another look at some of the terrain I intend using for Stargrave in the next month. Made a while ago but still up to the job I think. Originally made for Five Parsecs from Home which also has a book coming out soon, and which I have ordered.The PDF looks very nice, can't wait for the book.

All made from junk, cardboard, hardboard and foamcard as well as cereal card

Really looking forward to playing both Stargrave and Five Parsecs from Home, quite different games.


Friday 9 April 2021

Small Ruins from Large

This could be termed as another refurbishing job, but since I never actually played with any of this stuff lets call it further development instead.

I started to build two new ruined buildings, just for the fun of it, but lost my way and never completed them. Then I decided they either had to go or needed realising in a different way.

So I got on with it,

I stuck a base on it for stability and began working on the timbers. On this build I decided it was time for a different technique/material. I used tapers to create the wood which I marked with a pointed modelling tool.

Then I added a whole lot of sand and glue in the form of PVAcrete, which made the structure very strong and very tough.

Added loads of extra little details which I really enjoyed doing.

There a few areas that need some further work, but basically its done and next I will be painting it.

What I like about these separate ruins is that you can place them together to create a whole building or use them individually or play with them to create all sorts of new configurations.

This is one of the original two buildings I began making ages ago out of a cat food box, my favourite material to build with.

But I just wasn't feeling it, so they didn't get very far and took up a ton of space on my table.

Will post the painted version and further developments in the near future.