Tuesday 24 December 2019

Crates,Tables, Sacks and Temple Scenes

Completed the models I have been making for my son, for his D&D campaigns.

Crates and sacks. Crates sculpted by me, using Das and the sacks sculpted by my friend Wayne Cooper, very nice, cast by Luke.

Crates are based on foamboard, cut into squares and glues then overlayed with Das and PVA.

The larger areas are box base and lid that all the bits fit into except the columns.

The whole piece set up as an example for play.

I had already made a boat so added that.

Last of all I would like to thank all the folks that follow the blog and those that comment, it is much appreciated.

Happy Christmas to you all and a happy new year :-)

Tuesday 10 December 2019

D&D: The Freeing of Baloc

Spent Sunday afternoon and evening playing D&D last weekend and as the terrain was particularly swell, my GM Lee's set up, I thought I would take some pictures to record the afternoons proceedings.

We were on a mission to save Baloc who had been coerced into becoming the page turner for Dunning the Beholder.

The action took place in a massive library, the books belonging to Dunning which he was methodically reading till we arrived.

In one corner he also had a ritual spell on the go to animate a Golem. Below is Hoxus my half orc female barbarian/warlock who has just knocked over the spell book needed for the ritual to work: then finding herself petrified by an eye stalk.

In the end Thorn, our druid and Oromur, a rogue were the only PCs that managed to wound the Beholder more than once

Hoxus spent 3 turns petrified, threw 2 javelins and missed, then spent her time waking people who had been put to sleep. Very effective!!!! I finally reached Dunning and Oromur shot him and killed him,,,

Still petrified.

One dead Beholder and loads of laughs later, we were convinced we were all going to die.

Cheers Lee and truly fun game with a large dose of peril :-)

Tuesday 3 December 2019

Home Made War Game Mat

A couple of weeks back I decided to finally have a go at making myself a war games mat. Since it was finished it has been rolled up and left on top of a cupboard to see how well it would do when unraveled.

Its only 3ft by 4ft, sort of thing for playing Saga on. 

I was very much aware that I didn't want to have too much flock on the mat, as it would probably all fall off, so i didn't put too much on. Also I wanted to make sure it looked different from my boards.

I made it to take either to the club or my friend Mick's when we play Saga.

With some terrain on it looks fine to me, may have a go at ironing the reverse at some point as I forgot too when I was making it.

It was made from a heavy painters cloth from EBay, which bought about 4 years ago, yeah I like to work nice and slow... 

The painters cloth, cut up gave me 3 mats 3ft by 4ft and one that I may get a 2ft by 2 ft mat from.

I covered the cloth with a thin layer of decorators caulk with some brown acrylic paint mixed in.

Then I sprinkled and pressed into the caulk a good smattering of flock, dark, medium to bright green.
Then later when it was dried I decided it needed some more flock so added some more with PVA watered down to hold in place.

All in all, this is a mat that will be an experiment and get used until it falls to bits. One thing I must do is secure the one edge that is not hemmed. Will be used next time I play away from home, will review it then. 

Friday 29 November 2019

D&D: Temple Terrain

This is the completed Temple I've been making for my son, 8 columns, 2 altars, main plinth and 4 sets of steps.

What I like about this set is the variety of set ups you can make from these few pieces of terrain.

So here are a low of photos of just a few of the set ups I have thought of.

Altar close ups.




Back to standard to finish with. I was surprised just how many variations I could get from the pieces, now to make myself a set :-)