Friday 28 February 2020

KOW: Orc 2000 pt Army

With  the release of the new Kings of War rulebook some three months ago and having not played all last year, I thought I aught to get my finger out and sort out my Orc army to use this year.

I had some preparation to do,  Giants like Blood Bottler and Butcher Boy here are now classed as Titans and need a 75 mm base and I actually prefer them on these larger bases, they look better.

My army is made from a mixture of fairly old to very old miniatures that have been converted, mostly very simply. New shields, perhaps an altered weapon or additional armour or furs, nothing radical.

The drum for the War Drum was made from a cork and GS.

The Giants were scratch built from MDF, GS and bits from my box. As was the Dragon, but not the Orc Warlord.

I will be adding a few more units to bring this army to about 3000 points and to give me more opportunity to swap units out, I have Chariots, Battle wagons and Morax to sort out.

Looking forward to getting some games in at Wakefield Warriors and with a couple of my friends.

Thursday 20 February 2020

Making Cobblestone Sections

In the last few weeks I have been sculpting over the top of builds I made years ago and giving them a make over, so to speak. Here are two of my latest small pieces, both with a cobblestone feel to them.

Starts with smearing on PVAcrete over the surface.

Then using a couple of tools to sculpt the marks into the mix, with a rough feel to make it look weather beaten and some areas where the cobbles no longer actually exist.

The same with the fallen wall section below.

Here is my little tub of home made PVAcrete, its just sand and PVA mixed together.

Thumb it on and then spread it out with a tool.

Mark it up lengthwise, then I used the wooden coffee stirrer tool I made myself. Its just been sanded down on one long edge and one short end, not rocket science :-)

Back to the circular cobbled area. almost complete.

Both pieces all finished, they are usually dry in an hour, ready to paint.

The cobbled circle above is based on 5 mm MDF and the fallen wall below is based on cheap corrugated card from a box.

Friday 14 February 2020

Wicca Storage Box

This is the Christmas present I made for my better half this year. I didn't have a lot of money so decided to make her something personal instead.

Its based on, go on guess.... yep a cat food box. 

I made it it to store some other items I crafted for her.

Details on the exterior. Made from cereal box card, sand and glue.

I made a quite different catch mechanism, if you can call it that, than the last one I made. On this box the wooden piece simply slides up and out.

So what's inside? Well a simple removable tray on which sits the ceremonial knife I carved from a branch. I used my Pyrograph to then burn a Crow design into it.

Beak and eyes leading into feathers and wings.

Under the tray is a space for other items she might like to store and the set of Viking rune stones, made in wood, that I created.

I did not make the felt bag.

Viking runes.

Luckily she really liked it, so Christmas went well.