Monday 28 September 2020

Cobblestone Roads...Finally

Some time ago I started building/sculpting some cobblestone sections and the other day I realised I had never posted them to this Blog.

I was quite happy with how they came out but I am not entirely sure how much use they will get in my games of D&D, which is why I had left them off the Blog. 

I think the reason I am feeling a bit nothingy about them is the step up created by the 5mm MDF that I built them on. Not a huge problem but apparently I don't like it!

So here are a few action? shots and then later the individual sections are pictured.

The individual cobblestone sections.

Won't fit with rest, but good for temples and such like.

The market square section.

Short section.

The three longer cobblestone paths. All slightly different.

All together.

Close ups

The big thing about these sections is that they are very tough and I don't think I will ever worry about damaging them. 


Sunday 20 September 2020

D&D: Playable Tree Mess

This is a tree I built a while back, about a year I think. I built it mainly so that PCs could climb up into it branches to gain refuge or a tactical advantage. One of my players would often sit up in a tree and cast spells from its safety.

Anyway I never really liked it very much, but spent quite a while struggling to get it to look right.

It never did really. The base was poor, the modelling was a bit poo and the flat areas, good for models did not look like limbs of a tree.

The roots are awful, thoroughly dreadful.

But it did do its job, models could stand on it. So it got some leniency because of its practical use.

However when the character who mainly used it retired then the tree was on a hiding to nothing.

See below, you can stand loads of models up on its....branches?

Druids and Dryads, had to be didn't it.

So today I took the decision to chuck the bloody thing in the bin, I am no longer the owner of the hideous object/ I am free. What is the point of this post? Well 2 things really, its good to have a clean out and don't be afraid of looking at something you've made and saying "what a load of crap."

You may have noticed that I was so proud of this tree that I never posted on my blog when it was made. 

I would have had a photo but a load of veg left overs got tipped all over it by my better half. only fair.


Wednesday 16 September 2020

Perilous Dark: New Demons and Borock

After buying the Perilous Dark supplement for Frostgrave I realised there were some monsters I had never bought and others that I was going to need sometime in the future. So I set about sorting that situation, unacceptable!

First of I needed a Borock and since I had loads of bits knocking about in a box that Luke had given me a few years ago I set about fixing an old GW minotaur to a make shift base and getting to work with the GS. I added ,as you can no doubt see, hair and horns and a few dangly braids round its kneck.

Came out OK, so will need a lick of paint in next few days and some more attention to the base.

Next up were some models to represent Demons. So out of the same box came the second GW minotaur, its weapons were already damaged, one arm was completely off, and some lesser plastic beastmen, again who has last all their weapons. This was mainly due to having been shook up vigorously in a cardboard box for some time, this is an assumption, but from look was reasonable.

A few bits of GS to add detail, not well done i'll grant you, to the minotaur and thes are ready to paint.
Bases were created from cat food box card, I have tons, literally.

Last were the three models I had originally created as Demons some while ago when I started playing Frostgrave in 2016. However I needed a larger demon. I got out some corks and my glue gun and well, that's history as they say. Not good or clever but it at least finished off the trio. I am at rest now.

I will be painting these in the next few days, so will post again when that has all happened.

Saturday 12 September 2020

Flats: NPC Designs


While I was away in Wales had a few rainy days where I had time to make a load of drawings of possible NPC for D&D or Rangers of shadow deep or anything really.

Have only done the front so far as had nothing glass to lean on, I use a window at home and some Blu Tac, but the fiddly bit of deciding what they would look like is all done.

Some close ups, note that they haven't been cleaned up yet so still have loads of pencil marks on them.

They vary, some I am happier with than others and it also occurs to me that all these are either human or at a push elf, although with a bit of clever photocopying I might use some as dwarves and halfings or even as goliaths, will have to see how they look when they are miniaturised or blown up a bit.