Sunday, 6 September 2020

Refurbishing Four


This is the last piece I am going to be renovating for a while as I have dipped my fingers into too many different projects and they all need attention.

This is the tower I have been working on, one of four I made to create a castle.

Mainly finished now, just a few little bits to work on, however since I am off for a short break to Wales thought it best if I post where I was.

Mainly I have covered the surfaces in PVAcrete and sculpted brick work into it before it could dry.

I added the pegs of foamboard so I could give it a part timbered look, but most of them are not quite finished.

I worked round the old windows in two different ways and it has to be said this one is my least favourite of the two, but there you go.

Close ups of the timber modelling on the foamboard, done with Das and PVA mixed together.

I still have the interior to finish, the majority of the timber pieces and the extra brick details to give a more varied finish. Also I want to add PVAcrete to give an ashlar stone effect to the corners and the crenellations. Plenty to work on.

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