Thursday 30 April 2020

New Hill, new Method

This is a prototype for a set of hills I will be making soon. They will be constructed from insulation foam. Yes, I was given some so no purchase here.

This one is a bit square, my excuse is that I was experimenting to find out just how it would work and had thought I might place 2 close together to create a larger hill. I'll probably not bother with that.

So the next will be a bit more sculpted and smoothed. I do intend making some without any rocky outcrops too.

Also, very importantly, I wanted to make sure that I wasn't making a hill so steep that models would slip off or down. As it happens I'm happy with the test.

This angle is the only slightly dodgy one, and I know where I went wrong, so shouldn't happen on any of the other hills.

Sunday 26 April 2020

D&D: Kuo Toa Completed

Here are the small troop of Kua Toa I've been making for our games of D&D. I say they're complete but I haven't glued the nets onto the miniatures yet, not entirely convinced that the gause is doing it for me really.

Archpriest and the Whip along with a basic warrior.

The mound is one I have recently reconditioned using Luke's APS flocks and tufts to bring it to life and some additional detail painting on the stones.

Realised that half the miniatures are missing their lower jaw but since I've painted the lot I can@t be bothered to revisit them. They will have to remain "lower jawless" I'm afraid.

I am presently hard at work producing some of the more major nasties that live on the Island of Dicush, where my players are presently adventuring in. 

Wednesday 22 April 2020

KOW: Orc Chariot Regiment

These miniatures are not new, thought I'd get that off my chest straight away. However they have been re-based and are now ready to play as part of my Orc army for Kings of War (KOW)

These 2 models haven't been used since I last played Warhammer, quite a few years ago now.

I have put them on a regimental base, cut from hardboard and reworked the base with extra stones and grass tufts, the ones I make for Luke's APS when I get a chance.

You will have noticed that these are not your standard GW Orc chariots. No, these I put together myself from bits and pieces I had in my bits box and the main chariot chassis from foamex, cut on my bandsaw.

The other thing you may have noticed is the model count, there are three chariots in a regiment. Well if you've tried to get three on the right sized base you will have come to the conclusion it can't be done. I haven't mainly because I couldn't be bothered to even try, also I don't have a third chariot, so what you gonna do.... 


Tufts that were to be thrown in the bin I save and use on my models. 
Sometimes a sheet will have 1 or 2 that just don't meet the standard, so we have to chuck the sheet, or rather I take them home.

I will be posting some more Orcy goodness in few days as I am working on them at the moment.

Keep safe, keep hidden.

Friday 17 April 2020

D&D: Character Boxes

These are the two character boxes I have been putting together for my players in our D&D campaign. I made them because their bits and pieces were all stored in one large box and so everything got jostled and mixed together. Every time we went to play was a pain in the bum.

The symbols on this box are taken from the three Aetts of Viking Runes.
Frey's Aett
Hagel's Aett
Tyr's Aett

So now each player has a place to store: dice, inspiration marker, miniature, magic spell cards, magic item cards, spell slot markers and anything else the players might like to stick in it, biscuits, chocolates etc

The basic carcass and most of the build is mounting card, my Dad was chucking a sheet or 2 away and so I had them.

The smaller boxes are cereal card, there is a sheet of thin foam in the dice tray and a piece of 5 mm foam board to create the separator. The interior walls are all made from 5 mm foam board, this was left over from a job and donated to my supplies.  (thanks Aron) 

The symbols here are from a book I love; Tao Magic by Laszlo Legeza and on the whole mean, Long Life and Happiness.

Monday 13 April 2020

D&D: Kua Toa Conversions Wip

Conversions of old GW Saurus models into D&D Kua-Toa, fish type humanoids. Some of these are not my best pictures, think the lighting was working against me.

Loads still to do, many don't have fins on back, others need tails removing and all need their eyes adding.

My version of the Whip.

Archpriest and the whole batch of 7 models..

Again close up of the Archpriest.

Basic warrior with spear, tooth pick sanded down, and will eventually have a net, made from the gauze bandage you see behind. .

So still lots to do and then they need painting.