Thursday, 30 April 2020

New Hill, new Method

This is a prototype for a set of hills I will be making soon. They will be constructed from insulation foam. Yes, I was given some so no purchase here.

This one is a bit square, my excuse is that I was experimenting to find out just how it would work and had thought I might place 2 close together to create a larger hill. I'll probably not bother with that.

So the next will be a bit more sculpted and smoothed. I do intend making some without any rocky outcrops too.

Also, very importantly, I wanted to make sure that I wasn't making a hill so steep that models would slip off or down. As it happens I'm happy with the test.

This angle is the only slightly dodgy one, and I know where I went wrong, so shouldn't happen on any of the other hills.


  1. Looks great! So much more detailed than the usual green and flocked looked.

    1. Cheers Simon, its coated with PVA and sand so its pretty tough too, will post how I made it another time.