Wednesday 31 March 2021

Backdrops for D&D

You may have seen in previous posts I have altered from a top down view when player D&D online to a more 3D, stage set type view. As such I have been painting/modelling some backdrops that I can use.

Here are the two latest I have made, one for forest adventures and another for city/town type urban games.

With other terrain in front they do a pretty good job of creating a backdrop with 3D elements to bring them to life.

Again I would like to mention DMG as without his inspiration I would not have thought of this.

This one below will do for now but I need to do some work on the roof lines and especially the far left side as I just didn't do a very good job on the perspective.

With houses in front it works well enough.

However I have been experimenting with printing pictures I have taken which I can blow up and print over several pages, these may well give a far easier way to achieve the same result. Another post when I have some success with that.

Sunday 21 March 2021

Stargrave: Gathering the Terrain


I am extremely lucky to have built a shed ton of terrain in the last 6 years or so for sci-fi gaming, so when it comes to gathering together stuff to play on, well....

I have 3 boxes of stuff mostly built by me and a few Mantic pieces for  Deadzone.  
Todays post is looking at the first box of goodies, mainly the larger pieces of terrain.

I will get to the rest in due course, Although there are also several much larger buildings and another box of walls.

All hand built and from either from wood or cardboard, all of which is recycled from various places.

They are all on a 2 ft neoprene mat from Mantic, again made for Deadzone, 

Friday 12 March 2021

D&D: Zombie Beholder Flat

Extending my growing number of card monsters or Flats again this week with a Beholder drawing which can be used to create pretty much any Beholder you care to mention.

In the next few days I have a game coming up where I need a zombie Beholder so decided to make one flat for the time being.

I'm quite happy to play with flats and enjoy making them.

Beholders bum!

This one looks like it has hardly any colour, its zombie heritage showing through.

However now that I have the design drawn out I can colour it any way I like and change its scale when I print it.

In the making are some flat Flesh golems, here are the designs.

The three designs in the lower right above are to replace the ends of arms to give a more varied look.

When I have made some, planning to create 5 I will post them.

Next post I will looking Stargrave and how I have started to prepare for its arrival.

Sunday 7 March 2021

KOW 10mm Orcs

These models in 10 mm are obviously meant to be used to play Warmaster, by GW. However recently I've played KOW solo with Warmaster models, mostly Romans and Celts. 

However on those occasions I was playing alone and didn't worry about base sizes. Recently Luke and Lee at Geek Gaming have been talking about playing KOW in 10 mm and then Luke made this video about just that, having printed off several 10 mm armies.

As a result I decided to semi convert my Orcs to be on the correct base size and this is what I made.

Some of the individual models I made from Pendraken models, the majority were GW.

"I told ya not to look at me...."

Miniatures free of the base I made.
The giant and the Slasher had to have a small bit of Blu Tac added to the base to keep it in place.

The complete 2150 point army.

The slashers base was a bit hit and miss, but will do.

If  you feel like you may have seen these before at least a month ago on this Blog you would be correct. Google decided that the post had transgressed their standards and removed it, Obviously that decision was reversed and so I have reposted it,
All's well that ends well :-)