Sunday 30 July 2017

Five Parsecs: Escort

The crew decided that since Junke was not going to be about for a while and since Mr Gung needed some other work done they would stick around while their captain rested up aboard the SS Sulimann.
They had a little personal time first which proved to be quite useful on the whole.
Halo discussed the deal with Gung.
Jazz, not put off trying to better himself, managed to find an old codger by the name of Beetl Klee who helped him hone his shooting skills, Jazz came away with the skill, Shoot and Scoot, which could come in useful.
Krat made a successful trade and came away with an instruction manual from which he learned the Intrusion skill, giving him a free Hack once per game. Then after a personal incident Krat  had something of an epiphanie and learned the skill Stealthy.
Finally Vasilly found a single Frak grenade whilst trading. 

All Gung needed doing was a large container which housed Jetbike parts escorting from one side of town to the other. Represented by getting it across the board.

Jazz took point and the convoy stuttered forward slowly.

Unbeknownst to the PCs a group of Mercs hid in the shadows.

The container lurched forward as the PCs threw a scurry role..

The Mercs repositioned themselves to better advantage.

Oblivious the crew move on.

But on the next turn a firefight was roled and although no other models could draw a bead, one Merc managed to take poor Jazz out of the game with a single Auto rifl shot.

In the next turn Halo realised there was no chance Jazz could be revived while Krat shot at and missed the Merc who had gunned Jazz down. 

The Mercs open up with the PCs in a crossfire, making both Halo and Vasilly race for cover.

The container stood still.

The Mercs moved into better positions.

Their leader with a Rattle Gun rounded the corner, looking to pin the crew down.

One Merc crept up on Halo from behind and popped a shot at her, she flinched and sought cover.

The Merc leader opened up with his Rattle gun on Halo, knocking her to the ground.

Vassily and Krat hunker down.

In the recovery phase poor Halo bleeds out and goes unconcious. Krat however, recovered and shot at the Merc who shot at him, scaring him enough to send him running for cover.

The game was not going the way I had hoped.

Stepping out of cover the female Merc shot at Krat and took him out of action with one shot!

At this point Vassily was alone, and the Mercs were closing in on his postion, he knew the container was lost and really he didn't care. His concern was for his fallen comrades. 

Vassily shot at the ape like Merc with his Cling fire pistol but missed, but the Merc scurried for cover. 

The other Merc that was by the container decided to charge into Vassily, while the rest of the Mercs took the opportunity to take up better positions. 

But after a flurry of blows the merc lay in a pool of his own blood. That took me by surprise.

With a clear line of sight the female Merc shot at Vassily but missed completely.

The Merc leader moved forward with the rest of his gang.

But Vassily must have had enough by this time and so decided to charge into combat with the Merc who had just shot at him, cutting her to pieces in a violent storm of blows. Vassily can be like that.

At this point Vassily could be heard shouting across the field of battle, " No more have to be hurt this day, let me leave with my crew and the container is yours."

Looking at the two fallen Mercs and the general mayhem, the Merc leader agreed and Vassily collected his friends together and left.

Vassily, with his sudden turn of extreme violence had managed to secure a deal.

In the post game sequence all three of the downed crew survived with no ill effects. Their wounds were not anywhere near as bad as they seemed.

However the Jetbike parts had been lost and Mr Gung was not going to be pleased, at all.

Find out what happens next game, Ta for reading :-)

Thursday 27 July 2017

Parental Inspiration

Bit of possible inspiration at my parents, am visiting for few days, sat in garden with Ollie the dog. Looked over at Ma and Pa's rockery and thought what a great bit of terrain to play a game on.

I began to wonder if their home had influenced me further when growing up, am currently searching for anything that looks like Star ship corridors 😉